Friday, 16 May 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#55 to #57 - From Di,Sharon and Rowena and family

It is almost midnight but I want to continue on acknowledging. Next batch of May donations come from Di Menzel, Sharon Spilsbury and Rowena Turk and family.

1) Donation #55 is a parcel of 22 dresses from Di Menzel
2) Donation #56 is a parcel of 2 dresses from Sharon Spilsbury -
3) Donation #57 is a parcel of 13 dresses from Rowena Turk and family where Dress A Girl Around the World was the charity their family had chosen for their Crafty Charity challenge for the month of April. Two of the dresses were made by Rowena and each of her two daughters Lauren and Bethany made one dress. Some of the dresses they made were from fabric donations like the dress with little owls which was made by Judy, sister-in-law of Rowena's mother and a few from the 8 dresses made by Barbara, Rowena's mother. Donated fabrics came from Barbara's friends and she also did a good job of spreading the word around. Wow! What a great family of craftivists!
Thank you so much ladies for making these dresses possible. Such a job well done. Much appreciated. Thank you.

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