Thursday, 15 May 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#53 to #54 - Boys' t-shirts from Catherine and Karina

This is the start of the May donations to Dress A Girl Australia and what a better way to start with boys' t-shirts from Catherine Jenkins and Karina Tomlinson. These t-shirts will be matched with pairs of shorts to provide a complete outfit for disadvantaged boys. I hope I got the numbers right as I did not write it down and they have been sorted and packed.

1) Donation #53 is a parcel of 24 t-shirts from Catherine Jenkins -
2) Donation #54 is a parcel of 17 t-shirts from Karina Tomlinson -
My heartfelt thank you to Catherine and Karina for responding so quickly to my call for t-shirt donations. It is so much appreciated. Thank you Catherine and thank you Karina.

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