Friday, 23 May 2014

Dress Distribution #57A - A few toys for the children of the hinterland areas of CDO Philippines

I thought another 2 or 3 kilos wont hurt in the pocket if I sent an extra box for the children of the hinterland areas of CDO Philippines so I decided to pack up these toys to send to Sha together with the dresses. About 2 years ago I collected toys for a 'second chance toys' charity drive. My sister Fabi gave me a box full of toys some of which were not even played at all. When I started to pack them up so I could carry one bag at a time to work I was told that there were just too many toys already so I kept them in my garage. 

Last December I gave away about 5 of them when QCCT did a christmas charity drive. Two weeks has past since the drive started and no one was filling up the collection box. It was always empty whenever I passed by it so I brought one everyday for the whole week to contribute. And the ones I am giving away now are the ones that were left behind and about time to give up the space it occupies in my garage.
So here is the additional parcel I sent -
and here are the contents - it even has 2 real wooden airplanes which weighed more than the 5 plastic ones in front of it in the picture below. And some magnetic alphabets, beach toys, D-I-Y wooden trucks, matchboxes, giant marbles and a little bit more. An early Christmas for the lucky recipients.
Thanks to my sister Fabi and the other anonymous donors of the other items (anonymous as I cannot remember who gave which on the toys on the right) but a wholehearted thank you guys for giving these kids a chance to play with toys that most likely they will not get a chance even just to hold in their lifetime. Thanks so much.

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