Friday, 28 August 2015

Donated dresses for the week ending 28-Aug-2015 (Week 4)

Received the last two parcels of donated dresses for the week ending 28-Aug-2015 (week 4).
1) A parcel of 7 dresses from Frances Cornish allocated to Project Soibada Timor Lester
2) A parcel of 46 dresses and 9 skirts/girls shorts all allocated to Project CDO Cabaraban. Luckily I still had 6 t-shirts available which I allocated to the 6 skirts/girls shorts to make sure that the girls will be able to readily wear them. 3 of the t-shirts were donated by Megan Jones in a previous collection and 3 from my personal collection.
Thank you to Frances and the Millhouse Collections for the donations. Much appreciated.

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