Saturday, 22 August 2015

Dress Distribution #91/1A - 10/2015 - Parcel 1 for Project Soibada Timor Leste

Last Thursday, I posted my first parcel for the children of the Soibada community in East Timor. Tamara previously requested a few dresses to show to the members of their organization (Pittwater Friends of Soibada non-profit organization) and I thought sending her a parcel with only a handful of dresses might cost the same as sending what I have so far collected or just add a couple of dollars more. At least the members who would be looking at the items have varied options to see so I sent what I had so far. So here are the dresses that I sent last Thursday, 19th of August -
made possible by the following sponsor(s) -
1) Deborah Sempf (sewn by Dress A Girl Australia)
and following donor(s) -
2) Elizabeth Shoebridge of Vintage Fabric Addict (sewn by Dress A Girl Australia)
3) Karin Maltby (sewn by Dress A  Girl Australia)
4) Frances Cornish
5) T-shirts by Dress A Girl Australia

To see larger and individual images of the items, please click here. Clothes sent are indicated in the caption as sent 19Aug-2015. These clothes will be taken over to East Timor in October.

Thank you to the donors and sponsors for making this first parcel possible. Much appreciated.

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