Friday, 28 August 2015

Sponsored Dresses for the week ending 28-Aug-2015 (Week 4)

For this week I was able to raise another $60.00 from my Dress Sponsorship program through the generosity of the following donors - All these dresses have been allocated to Distribution #91 for the kids of the Soibada community in East Timor.
1) Three dresses from Jen Fegredo -
2) A dress from Monique Naranjilla -
3) A couple of dresses from Joan Lui -
Thank you to Jen, Monique and Joan for your kind hearts. It is much appreciated.

In total, since I started in mid-August, for the month of August I have raised $252.00 from my Dress Sponsorship Program and have remitted to the Pittwater Friends of Soibada Timor Leste to help in their fundraising campaign to complete the construction of the Training Centre and Guesthouse facilities in Soibada.. For some, you must have received your tax receipts by now which I have sent via email attachments. Am still waiting for a few more and will forward it to the respective donors once received. Thank you so much.

Anyone out there who wants to make a difference? Check out my Dress Sponsorship Program. For $10.00 you get to provide a kid in the community of Soibada a new clothing and at the same time help complete the construction of the Training Centre and Guesthouse Facilities. That is hitting two birds with one stone. With your support, we are providing hope and a better future for the community. Please help spread the word around. Thank you.

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