Monday, 10 August 2015

More to Match Fundraising Drive

December month is fast approaching and still eager and hoping to make a Christmas distribution, I have added more items to sell to help raise money for postage. Please check them out as all proceeds goes to a very worthwhile cause.
1. Oil Lamps by Crisa. There was a time when I thought glass painting would be great and what better goodies to use than these oil lamps by Crisa. Great for candlelight dinners and for those crafters out there who are into glass painting.
2. I have bags and bags of fabric scraps I thought I should start making something out of it, make the scraps more productive and help raise funds so I came up with this sexy dress. Remembered my senior prom when it was cool and sexy to wear a dress like this. Now I have made a replica of it through a handmade card using recycled Kraft blank cards. Inside panel is blank for personalized message and comes with a matching recycled Kraft envelope. A great handmade card to give to someone for any occasion...and knowing that for each card that makes a difference to a life of a disadvantaged kid (although the dress the kid receives and wear is not as sexy as this. :-) )
3. If you prefer to read books and magazines - click on the link below - and select a variety of great craft books and magazines still on sale. I have also added baby and kids fabric panels from my personal collection as it looks like I do not have the time to make something out of them so I might as well sell them and make a difference.

4. And the best way to make a difference is to sponsor a dress if you are not into sewing or do not have the time to sew. Sponsor a dress for a girl or a t-shirt/pair of shorts set for a dude through my Dress Sponsorship program. Each for a price of perhaps 3 cups of coffee. Click on the link below to make a choice -
All proceeds goes to a very worthwhile cause. A big sacrifice on my part when all these should be going to my pocket instead I chose to sell them and help me raise money to pay for the cost of distributing dresses, share whatever small fortune I've got and make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged children. Please help spread the word.

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