Saturday, 15 August 2015

Parcel #5 to 7 of 15 dresses for the month of August (Week 2B)

Time to acknowledge the batch of dresses I received this week. All 15 of them will be allocated to the current active projects for distribution in end-September and October.
1) A parcel of 5 dresses from Yvonne Henderson and allocated to Project Cabaraban -
2) A parcel of 5 dresses from Chelsea Oliver who like me wants to share our blessings in our birthmonth of September and dresses are allocated to Project Cabaraban -
3) A parcel of 5 dresses from Frances Cornish and have decided to allocate it to Project Soibada because of the sleeves -
With these donations, it brings the total number of dresses for Project Cabaraban to  96 and for Project Soibada to 9. Thank you so much to Yvonne, Chelsea and Frances. Much appreciated.

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