Saturday, 22 August 2015

Parcel #8 & #9 of 16 dresses/3 pairs of shorts and sponsored dresses for August (Week 3)

A total of 16 dresses and 3 pairs of shorts were donated this week 3 and 6 dresses and 5 pairs of shorts were sponsored bringing a total of 22 dresses and 8 pairs of shorts. A happiness we are bringing to 30 disadvantaged kids for this week. Here are the donated dresses this week -
1) A parcel of 9 dresses from Di Menzel - allocated to Distributions #88/1B-09/2015 and #96/1b-12/2015
2) A parcel of 7 dresses and 3 pairs of shorts from Denise Scott -allocated to distributions #88/01B-09/2015, #96/1B-12/2015 and #91/1A-10/2015
For sponsored dresses' proceeds of which are going to the construction fund of the Soibada Timor Leste community c-o Pittwater Friends of Soibada, here they are -
1) Five dresses/school kits for five school-aged kids and 5 t-shirts/boys shorts set from Deborah Sempf - allocated to distribution #91/1A-10/2015
2) A dress from Linda de Vos - allocated to distribution #96/1B-12/2015 -
Thank you to Di Menzel and Denise Scott for their donations and to Deborah Sempf and Linda de Vos for finding it in their hearts to make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged kids and special thank you to Deborah and Linda for sponsoring dresses  that will help fund the completion of the construction of a training centre and guesthouse facilities in Soibada Timor Leste. Thank you. 

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