Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Parcel #2 to 4 of 27 dresses for the month of August (Week 2A)

More dresses are coming in for my new active projects for September and October distributions including a batch which I am allocating for Christmas distribution.
1) A parcel of 5 dresses from Denise Scott which is allocated to Project Cabaraban (Distribution #88/1B -09/2015)
2) A parcel of 6 dresses and a pack of undies from Lesley Kroese which is allocated as well to Project Cabaraban (Distribution #88/1B -09/2015)
3) A parcel of 16 dresses which was sewn by a group of ladies at the Erina Hobbysew Store organized by Monica Poole of Monica Poole Designs in collaboration with Millhouse Collections. These batch of dresses will be allocated for Christmas distribution.
and these are the group of ladies having fun making these dresses during their sewing bee -
Thank you to Denise, Lesley and Monica and the group of ladies who attended the sewing bee for the wonderful dresses. Much appreciated.

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