Saturday, 22 August 2015

Father's Day Greeting Cards now available for Sale

In two weeks time we will be celebrating a special day for all the Dads in this world. Now available in the e-shop are fully handmade Father's Day greeting cards. They are not the expensive kind (in fact cheapies) but truly comes from the heart.

The Badge greeting cards are available as regular pinbacks which Dads who gets to receive them can pin and wear them on their hats and keychain button. 
** Hat is for decorative purpose only ** 

To celebrate Dad's special day, for every greeting card for Dad sold for the next 10 days or until Sunday, Sep 6, a $1.00 from the sale of each and every father's day card will be donated to the construction fund of the Soibada Timor Leste community c-o Pittwater Friends of Soibada so please help support this project and help spread the word around. Thank you.

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