Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My Plans for Dress A Girl Australia

Officially launched Dress A Girl Australia. No one would probably believe that I will be able to do it but in my own little way, slowly but surely Dress a girl campaign will be successful.I've started to do some planning, organizing and i know it will not be an easy job to do especially that I still am working during daytime. I now have organized what my most immediate plans are, what my short term goals are and my long term plans. While doing all of this I realized it will take a while before i will be able to see the fruits of my labor. Tomorrow I will be looking at the financial side of this campaign, what i will need to make this campaign a success.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

How I came to know about this campaign

Dress A Girl Around the World. I was browsing the internet searching for a fabric I wanted to purchase for a quilt I wanted to make when I ended up on this website Dress A Girl Around the World.

I was so impressed with what it was all about and so cool that i ended up registering as a member. What an awesome idea it is to be able to dress a girl using whatever craft skills I've got, use my crafting skills (whatever that is) to help others and make this world a better place. A perfect description of an environment of Living, loving and laughing through craft!

Helping through crafting is not really new to me as about five years ago for about two years I used to make handmade cards and for every card that I sold I donated a dollar to a Breast Cancer Research Foundation and still do every now and then. Making a dress is something else. My only recollection of making a dress is back in my junior year in high school when we were asked to make our final project for the year(in fact in high school) as I dont remember having a Home Economics class in my senior year or maybe there was i just dont remember as it seems a long time ago. Lol!) We were made to choose between cooking/baking or sewing and i opted for making myself a dress and ended up wearing the dress and parading in front of my Home Economics teacher making sure I get a passing grade even if the hemline was not straight. One does not have to be a dressmaker to be able to dress a girl.

So here I am...busy trying and doing the best I can spreading the word, telling friends and friends of friends, distributing flyers etc.... and completely forgotten the quilting fabric I am looking for a quilt I want to make.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

What to expect from this blog

Here you will find updates, feedbacks on activities by Dress A Girl-Sydney and Australia