Thursday, 28 February 2019

Dress Collections for Mar 2019 Distribution now closed

I have now reached 50 dresses and have reached the number of kilos I am able to take with me (including being able to lift the parcel myself due to medical restrictions) so the collection of dresses for next month's distribution (Mar 2019) is now closed. School supplies donation is open all year round so any donations in the next couple of months will still be included in the first distribution scheduled for May 2019 (to be shipped end of April) and any dresses donated between now and early April. Thank you to everyone who made the first parcel of dresses for 2019 possible.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Donation #12/2019 - 8 dresses from Jayne H

Last parcel received today with 8 dresses inside was from Jayne Hogan.
Thank you to Jayne for the wonderful donation. Much appreciated.

Donation #11/2019 - Office supplies from Judy

These 50 exercise books were donated by Judy Nicholson. I happen to pass by Kmart and decided to purchase what I could carry. More to come.
Thank you Judy for this donation. Much appreciated.

Donation #10/2019 - Parcel of 6 dresses from Judy N

Second parcel of the day is a parcel of 6 dresses from Judy Nicholson.
Thank you Judy for your generous donation. Much appreciated.

Donation #9/2019 - School Supplies & Totes from Kaylee

One of the parcels received this morning is from Kaylee Healy which had bunches of school supplies and 5 school totes.
Thank you for your donation, Kaylee. Much appreciated.

Donation #8/2019 - A parcel of 16 dresses from Sandra

Today's parcel received came from Sandra Turnbull with 16 t-shirt dresses in the parcel.
Thank you to Sandra for a generous donation. Much appreciated.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Friendly Reminder if contributing dresses

Just a friendly reminder to anyone who made contact that they will be contributing dresses. Today and/or Monday, 25th of February should be the last day of posting your parcel so it reaches my postal address by weekend. Thank you.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Donation #7/2019 - A parcel of 4 dresses and school supplies from Chrysoulla P.

This morning was delivered a parcel with 4 dresses and a bunch of school supplies (5 sets of pencil cases with pens and pencils) from Chrysoulla Paradissis.
Thank you Chrysoulla for your donation. Much appreciated.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Donation #6/2019 - Parcel of 15 dresses from the Faith Lutheran College Qld

I received this parcel with 15 dresses  in early January from Vanessa Lane of the Faith Lutheran College, Qld. These dresses were sewn as a project of her Sewing class students. Two of the dresses will be included in the Dress Distribution next month and the rest will be put on hold until a distribution for small dresses can be scheduled.
Thank you to Vanessa Lane for inspiring her students to make a difference by sewing dresses for the underprivileged children. Much appreciated.

Reminder on Guidelines on how to make Dresses

If you are thinking of donating dresses, please be guided with the guidelines on how to make the dresses and most especially on the materials to use. You must not use fabric materials where you can see your hand or the outline of your hand if you put it behind the fabric. We are trying to dress girls and giving them dresses made of thin materials defeat the purpose of us providing them with dresses to make them look decent and respected. I do not have the time to fix dresses donated that do not meet the guidelines so please I am asking anyone who wants to donate to follow my guidelines. Any dress received that is deemed to be not appropriate to be worn by a child will not be included in any distribution. Click on the link below to for the guidelines on how to make dresses. Thank you.

Donation #5/2019 - Parcel of totes, undies & school supplies from Jayne

Fifth donation for the year is a parcel of 51 totes, 35 undies (7 packs of 5) and a bunch of school supplies from Jayne Hogan.
Thank you Jayne for your generous donation. Much appreciated.

Donation #4/2019 - 10 dresses & Undies & School Supplies from Colleen M.

A parcel of 10 dresses, 12 pairs of undies, 8 totes and a bunch of school supplies (8pcs per item) was sent by Colleen Mundt as her donation to Dress A Girl Australia's next distribution.
Thank you for all the goodies, Colleen. Much appreciated.

Feedback from Dress Distribution #112 - Oct 2018

Received this picture today of a dress distribution made last November in the Philippines (Barangay San Isidro of Cainta, Rizal) . This was a parcel that I handcarried in October and handed over to a good friend of mine to distribute. This picture shows a few of the dresses that were given away. Everything was given but the group was not able to take pictures of everyone receiving dresses and/or boys pair of t-shirts and  shorts.
Thank you to everyone who made this distribution possible.

Donation #3/2019 - 2 parcels of dresses from Judy N.

There are 2 parcels for Donation #3 from Judy Nicholson. The first parcel which had 6 dresses was received in January but only acknowledged today. The second parcel was received this month and had 14 dresses inside the parcel. A few of the dresses had undies in the pockets. This is the parcel of 6 dresses -
and the 8 dresses from the second parcel below -
So far I have a total of 20 dresses and 6 t-shirts from the 3 donations and a bunch of school supplies. Thank you to Judy for the generous donation. Much appreciated.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Donation #2/2019 - Dresses & T-Shirts & School Supplies from Monika

Second parcel received for February month is from Monika Osvald. Parcel included 4 dresses, 6 t-shirts and school supplies (pens, erasers,rulers and pencil cases). See below the contents of the parcel.
Thank you Monika. Much appreciated.

Donation #1/2019 - A couple of dresses from Jenny

A parcel of 2 dresses from Jenny Albiez for the first dress distribution for the year 2019.
Thank you Jenny. Much appreciated.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Facebook store now open to handle dress sponsorships

I have opened a facebook store that will handle sponsoring of dresses for Dress A Girl Australia. To check out the store, click on the link below -
or click you can click on the :Dress Sponsorship Program" tab at the top of the page
or click on the "Sponsor A Dress" box on the right navigation pane.
Checkout for any sponsorships will be handled by Paypal checkout once you click on 'Buy Now' and once payment has been made in paypal you will be returned to the store screen where your transaction id from the sponsorship will be displayed. The process is very simple and straightforward so why not check out my Dress A Girl Australia store and sponsor a dress. Thank you.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Any dresses to donate & school supplies? Please send me a message.

I will be going to the Philippines on Mar 9. If you have any school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks), totes to donate, please send me a message. Any donations of handmade dresses between the ages of 6 to 10 only will also be great as this will be distributed to school-age children. I have about 12-15 dresses on hand so I think I will need about 30-40 dresses more. Thank you.

Dress A Girl Australia turns 8 today

I always wanted to do something good for humanity but I never knew what that would be and when am going to do it. Until one Sunday morning while browsing the internet for new fabrics to hoard I ended up in a site that dresses girls around the world. It started with just me and my sewing machine, a few fat quarters from my collection and a desire to learn how to make a pillowcase dress so I can send a couple to share with the less fortunate girls in Belize. 
My very first dress I made for a little girl in Belize. She must be about 9 years old today and I hope she is doing well. Click on the image to read the story about the dress.

Ten months later it has grown into a community of sewing enthusiasts who wants to share their skills and their passion for sewing. It has attracted individuals who have never sewn a dress before and for some don’t even own a sewing machine but are very eager to learn to make dresses for the children around the world who needs it. A growing community who like me imagines a world where every girl owned at least one dress for every girl deserves to own one . A crafting community who wants to make a difference in this world one dress at a time and make this world a better place. 
Some donors have moved on and new ones are still inclined to join. After 8 years today (today was the very first day I made a dress) I am still sharing whatever I have and  whenever I can to disadvantaged children in the world. Happy Anniversary to Dress A Girl Australia and after 10,018 dresses, 1,129 t-shirts and 1,946 pairs of shorts, 149 quilts, 91 school totes, boxes of school supplies, a Dress A Girl Well in Kalagi Uganda and almost 4 clean water tanks for the people of Vinh Long  Province of Cambodia, I hope I will always have the strength and discipline to keep on growing and making a difference in this world especially to disadvantaged children. Thank you to all who have joined me in this wonderful journey. Much appreciated.