Friday, 31 August 2012

Unclaimed Parcels this week

Just to let everyone know that I will not be able to pick up parcels at the post office on Saturday as I will be at the Dreamers Market. To the ladies who sent me parcels this week (looking at the cards I received, cant tell where they came from) I tried to beat the closing time of Australia Post this afternoon but didnt make it. But not to worry, they will be picked up next week. Thanks a lot!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

My table cover for Dreamers Market

This is the table cover I made for the Dreamers Market on Saturday, 1st of Sept. It is made of a recycled linen sheet and cutouts from a Soft Treasures and Dress A Girl banners. The banners were too large to fit in the front section of the cover so I cut them. My table is about 120 cms so this cover is very well customized for the table.
I also made a folder for Dress A Girl to bring with me to the market just in case people would like to know what Dress A Girl Around the World is all about, how it started in Australia, where the dresses have gone and how many have gone so far. It also will hold pictures of the distribution which I still have to print and I hope to bring at least one pillowcase dress and pair of shorts to display.

Still have lots of things to do and it is already Thursday night.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Green Fabric Green Shorts

My friend and I went looking for a mug tree at lunchtime today and tried the op shop. We didnt find any mug tree instead I found this green fabric. About 5 metres of 100% cotton with a width of 120cms. for $7.00. The fabric was thick enough to make into pairs of shorts so I bought it. My friend commented that it would look like the boys were in uniform if I am able to make about a dozen pairs from the material. And I said it was ok all I needed were white T-shirts to go with it. LOL! But I really thought it was a good buy.

When I came home I could not stay away from my sewing machine so I made the first pair out of the fabric. A size 6 since this is the only shorts pattern I have. I think it is time to go out and search for a larger pattern.

Here is the green fabric -
and here is the first pair of shorts I made tonight out of the green material -
I think whoever is going to wear this green pair of shorts would look good on it especially if it comes with a white Tshirt. :-)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A record 64 garments in one day

"64 garments in one day" by the Kapunda Ladies in their third Sewing Bee yesterday, the 26th of Sept. in South Australia.

Amazing work done by - from bottom left; Deborah Parish, Chris Redden, Delilah Balmer, Nelda Hossack (top row from right), Margaret Adair, Cassie Ashley, Loris Pullen, Reet Perry, Valda Ridley , Sally Giles (not in the picture) and Betty Bosley(not in the picture) came and donated HEAPS of bias binding and fabric. 

What an great accomplishment ladies. You are all a star!! You make me feel so proud of what Dress A Girl Around the World - Dress A Girl Australia has accomplished so far with your unwavering support. The looks and big smiles on your faces says it all!

Special thanks to Deborah for organizing these sewing bees. I also would like to thank Deborah's husband Brian(again) for helping these ladies in the manly tasks of lifting their sewing tools and arranging of the area making sure that these ladies are comfortable enough to enjoy their day and many thanks as well to Pastor Paul Smith for allowing these ladies to use his One Light Church. 

Thank you so much everyone. Everything you did is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Too much lavender

Too much lavender is hurting my sense of smell and my nose but had to finish my lavender dresses for a friend. I think I need to make more of this to bring with me in next week's markets. Also I found my mini Greatest Dad fabric awards. Hopefully I will sell all of them since Dad's Day is fast approaching.
If anyone is interested out there with my lavender dresses and car fresheners, please send an email to I think they are great fundraisers.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Charity Auction for Dress A Girl Group in Facebook

Hi Everyone,

This has been in the planning for sometime and is now a reality and many thanks to Katherine Nott.

We have created a group called Charity Auction for Dress A Girl where anyone can make dresses, chat about it in the group and to be auctioned at a time to be agreed when it is finished. The funds raised from the auction will be used for postage in sending dresses including dresses anywhere within Australia to Sydney. This will be a big help especially to those who send dresses in bulks. And if the group can raise more funds, then it would be used to make more dresses.

For more details on this group, here is the link and be a member. It's free and we would love to hear everyone's ideas and hope to put in more fun in helping disadvantaged children around the world.

If you are in facebook, please check this out. If you are not in facebook, don't lose hope. Any activities and/or important updates happening in the group will be posted on this site so everyone gets updated.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

What kept me busy today?

This is what kept me busy today. 5 pillowcase dresses and 3 t-shirt dresses out of a king-sized linen sheet.

My contribution to the World Humanitarian Day. T-shirts by heyboom shop.

More Dress A Girl Australia Activities coming up

Here's more Dress A Girl Australia activities coming up in the next two weeks :

Sewing Bee 4  

When: Saturday, 25th of August, 2012
Time : 11:00am - 4pm
Location : Corner of Brown St and Main St (Light Church)
                Kapunda, South Australia
Organizer : Deborah Parish

Dreamers Markets

When : Saturday, 1st of Sept, 2012
Time : 10am - 3pm
Location : Riverside Theatres Courtyard, Parramatta

Friday, 17 August 2012

Forthcoming Dress A Girl Australia Events

In a few weeks, the "Make-it or Break-it charity drive will start. This drive will determine if my goal of 1500 dresses and 500 pairs of shorts for the boys to collect and distribute for the year 2012 will happen. As of this writing, these are the Dress A Girl Australia numbers :
                  Dresses -  880 number of dresses done
                                 620 number of dresses to go

                  Pairs of Shorts - 173 number of shorts done
                                          327 number of shorts to go

                  Number of days to event - 
As of this writing, I have made 30 dresses which is not included in any of the numbers above and I hope to make more whenever time allows.

Also, the collection for the contents of the Dress A Girl bags for Christmas will start. The bags will contain a pack of school supplies, T-shirts and one more item which I still am not sure what that would be. :-) 
I now have 3 groups who more or less have committed to helping out on this special project and I am very positive that by the end of October all my bags will be completed and ready for lift-off. 

I have never had this kind of challenge and I think everyday between now and the end of the year will be very exciting and interesting! And I think I will need all the help I can get if I want to win this challenge. :-)

Thank You feedback from the parcel sent to PNG

The parcel sent to PNG has arrived and the children loved the dresses. Here is an email from Dave Scheier of who is currently in Mt Hagen for a visit.
And here are the photos I received. You may have seen the little men of BFO in a previous article wearing their new pants but this time you will see some of the little women of BFO, recipients of some of the dresses that were donated to Dress A Girl Australia for them. Look at their happy faces. Thank you to everyone for making this happen.
The little women of BFO, recipients of some of the dresses sent last July.

"Here are some of the little men of BFO. They are wearing pants that were donated by you all and a good friend in Sydney named Gigi Sun. Thanks for your prayers and support." by Dave

Thank you everyone for making this happen. Much appreciated.

Thank You feedback from the parcel sent to Vietnam

I received a message from Sister Julienne of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres of Kontum Vietnam that the parcel of dresses has been received and released by customs after paying about a dollar per dress for duty. Cant figure out why duty has to be paid for a well-deserved donation of 34 dresses only but not for hundreds. No good. I have responded to Sister Julienne's message letting her know that I will make a $40.00 donation to her orphanage to repay the amount she paid for the dresses. 

Also, Sister Julienne asks me to say 'thank you' to everyone for all the beautiful dresses and that it is very much appreciated. Please see below her message -
Thank you everyone for making this happen! Much appreciated.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Three Bags Full Two Parcels for Uganda

Yes, three bags full....two parcels for September lift-off to Uganda. All dresses prepped up and boxes are ready. All I need is to start packing them into the boxes where they are going.

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #84 - 12 dresses from Georgia Wood

Here they are! The 12 dresses made by a 15-year old from Adelaide as a school project and donated all 12 to Dress A Girl Australia is donation #84 on the list.
What a great achievement and so inspiring that I wish it will also inspire other teens to do the same. A world where teens and/or children from more fortunate locations helping their less fortunate counterparts. What a wonderful world it would be.

To Georgia, thank you so much for your work and the dresses. Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of 12 less fortunate girls around the world. Much appreciated.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Inspiring 15 year old from Adelaide with her 12 dresses

A few weeks back I wrote about a 15-year old Year 10 student from Adelaide who made dresses for Dress A Girl Around the world as her school project. Here she is with her amazing work! This is Georgia Wood with the 12 dresses she has made - 
What a great accomplishment!
Georgia, thanks a whole lot! I hope with what you have accomplished, it will inspire lots and lots of teens to do the same. Helping make this world a little bit better for the less fortunate children around the world. You will make 12 disadvantaged girls very happy, very soon! Thank you so much!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #83 - Dresses from Katoomba NSW

Taking photos of the dresses is supposed to be a quick and easy job but it takes a long time for me because I looked at all the dresses and start imagining who would possibly be the recipient of each dress and how they would look like wearing them. LOL! So instead of just a 10 to 15 minutes picture taking job I sometimes end up an hour. 

Anyway, Number 83 on the list is from Monika Osvald. Eleven girly dresses for 11 disadvantaged girls around the world.
To Monika, thank you so much for the dresses. Am positively sure we will not run out of kids who would be happy to wear any of your dresses. Thank you so much.

Dress Distribution Page

Hello one and all! I encourage all to check out my dress distribution page especially for those who missed my articles on dress distributions so you would know where the dresses are going or have gone, when they have been sent and how, which ones have arrived at their destinations, which ones are awaiting feedback on distributions, which parcels your dresses were included in....and so much more on dress distributions.

Here is a quick link to the 'dress distribution' page by clicking your mouse on the image below:
 or you can hover your mouse and click over the 'dress distribution' tab at the top of this page - see below: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #82 - 50 T-shirts from my sister

The t-shirts have finally arrived! All 50 of them from my sister Joan of Heyboomshop is donation #82. This is going to keep me busy for the next few months making t-shirt dresses as I need to keep in stock dresses with sleeves for locations whose culture does not allow open neck styles. When Joan knew that PNG needs dresses with sleeves and after having seen some of the t-shirt dresses I made which were worn by the children in India, she decided to buy t-shirts and most likely these dresses will be going to PNG.
Just the thought of the 50 girls who will be wearing these t-shirt dresses is more than enough to motivate me to start sewing for I know the end result would be very rewarding. And I think I now have an idea as to where to get the t-shirts I want to start collecting for the small boys in Mt Hagen. :-) 

Joan, thank you so much for the t-shirts and thank you to my brother-in-law Andre for handcarrying them to Sydney. Thank you. Much appreciated.

If you want to know what keeps Joan busy, check out her work here. I think you will love her new weepots.

FY12 Dress Distribution #13 -For the children of Myanmar Burma

13 dresses and 22 pairs of shorts for the Hosanna Children's Home in Myanmar Burma is distribution #13. This parcel will be delivered to Karen Evans of Geelong, Victoria at the end of this month or earlier who then will hand it over to a team of people she is sending over from their church and will be working at the orphanage in September.

Here is the parcel I tried to pack tonight -
and here are the 13 dresses and 22 pairs of shorts included in the parcel -
and here are the donors of the dresses and pairs of shorts -
1. Loris Pullen
2. Frances Cornish
3. Sharyn Paull
4. Margaret Doecke,Veronica Martin,Delilah Balmer & Deborah Parish (Sewing Bee #3 Parcel 2)

To see larger images of the full donation, please click here. Links to this article and feedback will also be made available in the special 'Dress Distribution' tab which you can find at the top of this page (if you click on 'dress distribution' it will take you to the page).

To all the donors, thank you so much for making this parcel possible, for making 13 girls and 22 boys happy sometime in September with your generosity and kindness. It is very much appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Poster Time

I first saw this clipart in a royalty-free book I bought from Dover Publications about 3 years ago and I thought I would use it for a Dress A Girl Australia poster. I cant stop looking at it.
For those who are wondering why we are sewing and would like more information, please send an email to If you have made dresses and would like to donate it to this cause or have fabrics to donate, please send items to -

Dress A Girl Australia
P.O. Box 240
Casula NSW 2170

Thank you in advance!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #81 - 18 dresses from Deborah and Loris

Number 81 on the list are 18 dresses from Deborah and Loris, two friends from Kapunda and Tonunda, South Australia who are enjoying making dresses. 14 of the dresses are from Deborah and in addition to the 14 pairs of shorts(#80) are 4 dresses from Loris. Amazing ladies!! If I can only bring my sewing machine at work, I probably would be doing the same thing, sewing dresses whenever I can.
Thank you very, very much for the support you are providing to this cause. You inspire a lot of people with what you are doing. There never seems to be a dull moment between the two of you. :-) Thank you for doing such a great job spreading the word in your local community. It is much, much appreciated.

Any ladies out there in the vicinity of Kapunda, Tonunda,  Adelaide, Eudenda, Rhynie and other nearby towns who wants to join the campaign of dressing girls around the world, or if you have any fabrics to donate please feel free to connect to either of these two ladies. You will not regret it. To get in touch with Deborah, click here or Loris, click here. Or you can send an email to

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #80 - 14 pairs of Shorts from Loris

Woohoo!!  I've got more pairs and number 80 on the list are 14 pairs of shorts in different sizes from Loris Pullen of Tanunda, South Australia. Loris is a member of the Ladies of Kapunda, S.A. who enjoys sewing with good friend Deborah Parish. After so many years of searching, she thinks she finally found what she wants to do to make a difference and enjoying every minute of it.
Here are the 14 pairs and some of these pairs would be included in the Myanmar Burma collection -
To Loris, thank you so much for all the pairs of shorts. I do believe too that the boys deserve something just like the girls and this made me decide to run a campaign for the boys early this year. Thank you for your unwavering support. Much appreciated.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #79 - 22 dresses & 7 pairs of Shorts from Frances

Yes, 22 dresses and 7 pairs of shorts is donation #79 from Frances Cornish of Canberra. 11 of these dresses have been made specially for the children of Myanmar Burma.
I also thought this would be a good time to share with all of you and make a special mention that Frances is actively spreading the word around in Canberra about the Dress A Girl Around the World campaign and is getting a lot of support from both family and friends. Just recently, she was able to collect 6 large garbage bags of fabrics from a lady whose mother died recently and am sure this is going to keep her very busy in the days to come. She has also approached the owners of  the gym where she goes to and they have agreed and very happy to advertise the Dress A Girl Around the World campaign on their notice board and a small feature regarding the campaign in their monthly newsletter which is such a great news. By the way, she and another great campaigner from Canberra, Katherine Nott have connected and already met in person.
This is Frances -
and here is the article she wrote about the campaign to be published in the newsletter of the Curves Gym where she goes to
and the campaign flyer she created that would be posted in the gym's noticeboard
Frances, thank you so much for the dresses and the pairs of shorts you have donated and your unwavering support of the campaign and in helping spread the word around. Please feel free anytime to get in touch with me if you need some assistance or more information. Thank you so much! 

For those in the Canberra area who wants to get in touch or connect with Frances, click here.