Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Dress Distribution #107 - Christmas Collection 2016

This article on Christmas Distribution 2016 should have been made in December of last year but due to quite a hectic life in the last 3-months (October-December) of the year and early 2017, I only had a chance to do it tonight. I guess better late to acknowledge all donors for the Christmas collection and show my appreciation than never.

Here are the dresses from  the Christmas collection -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Sophie Dargaville
2) Jody Clooney. Materials donated by Deb Colahan and Nadia Hamilton
3) Kellie Cameron
4) Leslie Kroese
5) Rachel Walsh
6) Yvonne Henderson
7) Sylvia Pommerening
8) Monika Osvald
9) Students of Picnic Point High School of NSW - Year 10 Textiles Technology Class of 2016 assisted by Teriesa Thompson and Cheryl Wardrop
10) Ann McGinnes
11) Prue Wilkinson
12) Lyn Granger
13) Jayne Hogan
14) Sue Pursche
15) Denise Scott
16) Carol Mead
17) Judy Ducrou
18) Colleen Mundt
19) Year 9 Textile students of Kincumber High School NSW c-o Colleen Stokeld
20) Tranquility Crafts

A 143 dresses were sent to the Philippines and 36 were sent to Pakistan. The rest of the dresses (about 20 of them) will be handcarried by me and give to orphans when I visit Vietnam in early April.

Thank you to all the donors. Your kindness and generosity last Christmas were highly appreciated. Thank you.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Share the Love this Valentine's Day!

Spread Love this Valentine's Day! Share the love! Make a difference for a change from what is happening around the world. Sponsor a dress. For $10.00 you get to provide a dress to a disadvantaged girl and feel loved. 

To sponsor, all you have to do is click on the link or image below -
Proceeds from any sponsorships will help pay for the cost of distributing dresses. Thank you.