Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sewing Marathon 1 - Day 11 to 15 Dresses

Yes, marathon is still going on and here are the dresses for Day 11 to 15. A week late in posting as I have been quite busy with other things the past week but me and my sewing machine are still on track to make 30 dresses in 30 days. Sewing Marathon 1 started last Aug 8 and is going to end on the 6th of Sept.

Dresses sewn for Days 16-20 will be posted in the next few days. To see all dresses sewn for the marathon, click hereSome of these dresses will be distributed in December.

Please help Dress A Girl Australia meet its target of another 125 dresses for Christmas by joining sewing marathons. For more information, send an email to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com

Sunday, 28 August 2011

125 Dresses in Total

Woohoo!! Just did a count on Friday night and Dress A Girl Australia has met its target 3 weeks ahead of the 18th of Sept schedule. The magic number on this date is a 100 dresses but Dress A Girl Australia has collected 25% more of the magic number. As of today, I have in my possession 125 dresses. 125 dresses for 125 girls and who would be the lucky 125 who will own at least one dress. Schedule of distribution is still end of September as originally planned and I look forward very much to this time.

I'd like to extend my sincere thank you to all who made this possible. Thank you for being a part of Dress A Girl Australia and thank you for making 125 little girls around the world own at least one dress for they deserve at least one and thank you for making those dreams come true.

With the Sept target achieved, the need to do more work in promoting this campaign and getting more people involved in dressing girls around the world becomes more urgent and important especially with the Christmas season fast approaching. Dress A Girl Australia's dream is to dress another 125 girls anywhere in the world on Christmas Day and now is the right time to start making that dream come true. With Christmas still about 14 weeks away, I know that the next magic number of 125 dresses is very much achievable. Let us make another 125 little girls own at least one dress on Christmas day.

For more information about this campaign, please feel free to send an email to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sewing Marathon 1 - Day 6 to 10 Dresses

Yes, me and my sewing machine is still on track on the Sewing Marathon 1. Dresses 6-10 for Days 6 to 10

Posting pictures for Days 11-15 in the next few days as I just finished dress for Day 15 tonight. 

The fabrics and/or pillowcases I used to make these dresses were donated by family, friends and work colleagues. To acknowledge donors, these dresses will be posted in albums identified by donors. Thank you for your fabrics and/or pillowcase donations.

Sew-Along is coming up in a week. Anyone interested to join, come back to this page for updates. Supplies needed and the pattern will be posted soon.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It's time for Dress A Girl Australia Numbers

It has been an exciting last few weeks and Dress A Girl Australia is starting to receive dresses from individuals, groups, micro mini businesses from home trying to promote handmade products and also from work from home moms. Latest numbers are as follows :

Dresses to date : 84
Cut Fabrics : 42
Donated Pillowcases : 15
Donated Fabrics : 32m

Date for first distribution plan is end of September.  Target of 100 dresses by mid-September is achievable with the number of dresses to date of 84.

First Sew-Along is currently scheduled in 2 weeks time. This will be available for everyone who wants to sew-along with us on this site, facebook page and on a facebook group 'Let's Craft!' I am wishing that a lot of people would join in.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

More Dresses for Dress A Girl Australia

Dress A Girl Australia is doing a good job spreading the word!! :-)

Another 11 dresses from Deidre Parker of South Australia. Just looking at these dresses makes me feel so excited with Dress A Girl Australia's forthcoming dress distribution. These dresses are so cute I can not wait for little girls out there to wear them and I wish I could be there in person to assist them in putting on these dresses.

My sincere thanks to Deidre for these 11 dresses. Dress A Girl Australia appreciates very much every effort you spent on making these dresses. They are beautiful. Thank you.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Sewing Library Sew for Charity Drive

I am very happy and proud to welcome to Dress A Girl Australia the 'The Sewing Library' group from Central Queensland and my sincere thank you for selecting Dress A Girl Australia as the recipient of their very first ever Sew for Charity Drive spearheaded by Renee Webb the creator of the group. I could just imagine how excited everyone must be from the group to be able to make little girls around the world own at least one dress because every little girl deserves to own at least one and feel proud to say that dress was made by your group. Thank you for making those dreams possible.

I am very excited that a lot of people are now starting to become aware of this campaign, the word is spreading quickly and that sew-alongs are now starting to form in several different areas in Australia and for a very worthwhile cause. Am really believing that even if you are just a small voice, if you are focused and determined to do something for the good of our planet, you will be heard. And in the case of Dress A Girl Around the World...imagine how much difference each of us can make with our sewing machines....use our craft skills and creativity...in making this world a better place!

To know more about the Dress A Girl Around the World Dress A Girl Australia, please send an email to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com

** The Sewing Library is a facebook group created with the hope of a community coming together to share their sewing know-how including great tutorials, tips, hints and advices. For those ladies out there who wants to know more and perhaps would like to join the group, click here or copy and paste the URL below in your browser -.

Soft Treasures on a Sewing Marathon Update

6 Days 6 Dresses. Me and my sewing machine are still on track with Dress #5. Tomorrow morning I will be posting what I did today for Dress#6.

I look forward to my first distribution of dresses currently scheduled for end of September as I would love to see how these girls with big smiles would look like on these dresses. If there is anyone out there who wants to join me in the sewing marathon for Dress A Girl Australia, please feel free to send me an email at dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com.

Also today, I went to our local postoffice to pick up a parcel containing the 16 dresses sent in by Crafty Mamas. I was too tired to open the parcel when I got home tonight as I was out the whole day with family to celebrate the 4th death anniversary of my Dad.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Me and my Sewing Machine....on a Sewing Marathon

Yes, that is me and my sewing machine, since Monday, the 8th of August...on a sewing marathon. Me and my sewing machine is on a mission of one dress a day for Dress A Girl Australia for the next 30 days. And yes, me and my sewing machine are right on track.
Since Monday till Wednesday yesterday at one dress a day, I made 3 dresses and those are the 3 pink dresses hopefully for 3 sisters and tonight I made this red and white dotted dress (I call it day 4 dress) which unfortunately is missing the pocket but it is not the end of the world as tomorrow is another day and I can still make the pocket before I attempt to make day 5 dress. And day 5 is a Friday so I can stay late sewing as I dont have to wake up early the following day to go to work.
Anyone out there who wants to join me in this marathon, please feel free to send me an email at dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com. It is for a very worthy cause.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Three pink dresses for 3 little sisters somewhere out there.

I kind of wanted to make a dress or 2 from the same fabric as I was thinking that hopefully these dresses I will be making from the same fabric will be worn by sisters. Finally the opportunity to do it came with a 2-metre fabric and I was able to make not just 2 but 3 dresses. Same fabric, 3 dresses sizes 2,4 6.

Wouldnt it be nice to see 3 sisters wearing the same dresses at the same time with a big smile on their faces. Wouldnt you be proud to see it happen. Join us in Dress A Girl Australia and make this happen. Make dresses for all the little girls who deserves to own at least one dress.

For more information on Dress A Girl Australia, send an email to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com. You will not regret it.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wow! 16 Dresses from Crafty Mamas for Dress A Girl Australia

From Crafty Mamas

Today was a very happy day when I read an email from Gaylene H. about 16 dresses for Dress A Girl Australia.
Everyone who is aware of the Dress A Girl project knows what that means. Somewhere out there will be 16 little girls who will have big smiles on their faces when they get to receive a dress each and how proud these 3 mamas would be for making that happen.

These dresses are being sent on behalf of CRAFTY MAMAS which is an Australian on line store and has an online forum whose members(including Lisa the owner) are crafty mamas. On this forum they talk and share sewing experiences and anything crafty and it is on the same forum that the Dress A Girl Australia was shared. 3 Mamas from that forum came up with these 16 dresses.

I want to give my special thanks to Gaylene for coordinating these 16 dresses and my sincere thanks to Gaylene, Lisa and the other unnamed mama for contributing these 16 dresses. Thanks a whole lot for your support in this very worthwhile cause from Dress A Girl Australia.

Wouldnt you feel proud too for these 3 mamas? Come and join, help support Dress A Girl Australia and bring out those big smiles from girls around the world who deserves to own at least one dress and be proud to say that you made that dress. For more information and general enquiries, please write to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com.

**  Crafty Mamas is a stockist and Aussie wholesale agent for Farbenmix patterns and ribbons,Studio Tantrum & Ottobre Design Magazine.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Still no pictures

Did a couple of dresses on the long weekend but still no pictures. I cant seem to find the adapter for charging the camera's battery. Am sure it is here somewhere...perhaps covered by some fabrics which I planned to cut on the weekend.

Although I still have a lot of sewing to do, it would be nice if some kind-hearted people out there can donate pillowcases. I am about six weeks away from my target of 100 dresses which I believe I will be able to meet but looking beyond September is another goal I have of achieving 250 dresses. These dresses all 150 of them will make a very good Christmas present to all those little girls out there who deserves to own at least one dress and look pretty on Christmas day. For any donations please send them to Dress A Girl Australia, P.O. Box 240, Casula NSW 2170.

In the next few days, I will have to start thinking where to distribute the first 100 dresses by the end of September. I have a few options to choose from but I need to think on how to send. Am sure I will be able to work things out....but first I have to finish sewing these dresses and take more pictures.