Sunday, 28 June 2015

More Pictures Feedback Distribution #94 06/2015 - School Kits - Philippines

Here are more pictures from the distribution of the school kits in the Elementary School of Pook in Manila Philippines. A feedback from the distribution has also been received.
1) Here is the feedback note from the distribution -
2) A few pictures from the actual distribution done -
To see larger and individual images of the distribution, please click here

Thank you to Norie and her group for finding the time to make this distribution and sharing the pictures and to all the donors who made this distribution possible. Thank you. Much appreciated..

Feedback Distribution #94 06/2015 - Dresses and School Kits - Philippines

Here is a couple of pictures from the dress and school kit distributions made in the Philippines this month organized by Norie Bordador and her group to about 500 school kids. More pictures will be posted later today.
1) Four out of seven of these dresses are sponsored dresses. Three out of seven of the dresses were made from fabrics donated by Millhouse Collections.
2) World Globe and children's books (included in distribution #94) donated to the Pook Elementary School, Pasig, Metro Manila. I bought this world globe from a school supplies' & stationery shop and had a damaged box that no one would buy it anymore. Imagine what this world globe can do to an elementary school library.
Thank you to Norie and her group for sharing the above pictures.

Dresses for the 4rd week of June ended 28-Jun-2015

It is time to acknowledge the dresses received by Dress A Girl Australia for the last week of June 2015.
1) A parcel of 3 dresses from Sally Neideck and allocated to Project Uganda -
 2) A parcel of 3 dresses from Frances Cornish and allocated to Project Uganda -
3) A parcel of 7 small dresses from Di Menzel and still to be allocated -
Thank you Ladies for the wonderful donations. Thank you for supporting Dress A Girl Australia's commitment to make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged kiddies around the world.

Two Dresses for 2 lucky girls from a discounted fabric

For almost 4 months now I did not do any personal shopping for Dress A Girl Australia and yesterday I decided to go to Spotlight to buy a hobbyfil for my handmade doll creations and saw this Mickey/Minnie Mouse fabric on sale. 
It is a 100% cotton quilting fabric which normally would cost about $23 but yesterday it was 50% off. I wanted to make sweet message lavender sachets so I thought this was a good fabric to use and decided to buy 1/4 of a metre. At the counter the guy said that it was the last batch of the fabric and there was about 1.97 metres left but I told him that I only wanted 1/4 of a metre. In fact 1/4 of a metre was too much for what I was thinking to do. But the guy was so persistent for me to buy the last of the bundle and he said he was going to give me a special price so I asked him how much would I pay for it since I didnt want to pay for more than $5.00. Then he said if you buy the 1.97 metres left you can have it for $5.95. And I said really. If that is the price you are offering I will buy it. So I bought it and so with the rest of the stuff that I wanted to buy for my new creations. And now I have 1.5 metres of the mickey/minnie mouse 100% cotton quilting fabric that I can use to make 2 size 6 or 7 dresses to dress two disadvantaged girls anywhere in the world and thanks to the persistent guy in the counter.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Reminder on fabric materials to use for dresses

Please be reminded that fabric materials to use in making dresses should be thick enough to withstand rugged washing environments. If you can see your hand through the material that means you are not using the right fabric. 

Any dresses found to be using flimsy materials and does not meet the quality required will not be included in any of the distributions.

The cost to distribute these dresses are skyrocketing so each and every dress should be worth the effort, time and money to distribute.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Feedback Distribution #96 06/2015 c-o Days for Girls MM (Phils)

Here are a few pictures from a partial distribution made by the Days for Girls Metro Manila (Phils) team. On their way to the province of Calamagui, Solana Cagayan, they stopped by a Kindergarten School to distribute dresses and shirts. More distribution of dresses will resume next week in two of the poor communities in Solana.
For larger and individual version of the images, please click here

Thank you to the Days for Girls Metro Manila group for sharing these pictures.

Dresses for the 3rd week of June ended 20-Jun-2015

These are the third batches of dresses received for the month of June (week ended 20-Jun-2015).
1) A parcel of 8 dresses from Frances Cornish -
 2) A parcel of 5 dresses from Kay Innes -
 3) A parcel of 9 dresses and a pack of undies from Lesley Kroese -
Thank you ladies for the dresses and postage assistance. Thank you for helping make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged kids around the world. Much appreciated.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Update on the Dress Donations from Maddington Sunshine Girl Guides

Here is an update on the dress donations made by the Maddington Sunshine Girl Guides which I received last month of May (c-o Claire Veen). Six of the dresses I have received were made by the Huntingdale Freedom Girl Guide Units although I have no way of identifying the six dresses anymore. The Hungtingdale Freedom Guide unit is composed of girl guides between the ages of 6 and 17 and they used the Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia  program as a way of being taught life skills from learning to sew and also making them aware of the many plight of girls around the world. Each of them enjoyed taking part in the service activity through their leader Nicky Kosonen.

My heartfelt thank you to all the girls who took part in the project. Thank you so much for helping make a difference to the lives of the girls who will be receiving and wearing your creations very soon. And thank you to Nicky for organizing the activity. Much appreciated.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Update on Remaining Active project collections - First half of 2015

Just a quick update on the remaining active project collections and due dates for the first half of the year 2015 -

1) Distribution #95 - Project Uganda Parcel #1 - End Date - 30-Jun-2015

    Dress sizes between 6 to 12 and rules on quality need to be strictly followed. These           dresses are washed in hard and rugged environment. A maximum of 3 dresses per donor     only for this particular collection. 

2) Distribution #97 - Project Cambodia (Phnom Penh) - End Date - 30-Jun-2015.  

    The dresses on this collection will require sleeves so no pillowcase style of dresses will       be accepted and rules on quality need to be strictly followed. Sizes should be between     8-12 as these will be distributed to school-aged kids. Maximum number of dresses that
    can be donated is 5 dresses only.

All donations need to have a proper name and email address included in the parcel before it can be included in the distribution. This is to avoid inconveniences.

For questions and concerns, please send an email to

** Special Notes to Consider on Quality of Dresses **
1)  If you can see your hand through the fabric material, then that means you are not using the right material to make a dress. The dresses that we make are supposed to make the girl wearing it more decent so please bear this mind when sewing a dress. We should be making dresses that the girls can outgrow and last longer for this could be the only dress they get to own and wear.
2) If you are using ribbons, make sure they are real ribbons and not ribbons being used to wrap gifts or presents. I have no time to sort dresses let alone repair them so any dresses which uses ribbons that I think will not last for more than a day will not be included in any of the distributions.

Thank you.

Dresses for the 2nd week of June ended 14-Jun-2015

For this week ended 14-Jun, a total of 14 dresses. Six dresses from my sewing during the week with fabrics donated by the Millhouse Collections - all dresses allocated to Project Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
and eight dresses from Yvonne Henderson - three dresses allocated to Project Uganda and five allocated to Project Cambodia
Thank you to Yvonne Henderson for the eight wonderful dresses. Much appreciated.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Parcel Acknowledgement - Project Philippines Batch #2(w/ school supplies)

Here is an acknowledgement of the second batch of parcels sent to the Philippines which included school supplies. There was a bit of a problem in one of the boxes where it was opened upon its arrival at Customs as advised by the carrier and probably lost a few plastic bags but there is not much I can do.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Dresses for the first week of June ended 8-Jun-2015

Time to acknowledge the first batch of dresses for the first week of June ended Jun 8, 2015 -
1)  Taking advantage of the long weekend and sewing from previous week, I completed a total of  thirteen dresses for this week. All dresses have been allocated to Project Cambodia(Phnom Penh). Fabrics donated by Millhouse Collections and from my personal fabric collection. T-shirts donated by Joan Wolf and Megan Jones -
2) A parcel of 7 dresses from Christine Caputo - Two have been allocated to Project Uganda
Thank you for the wonderful donations.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Want to help make a difference....with one small dress at a time?

Do you want to make a difference but do not know how or do not have the time to do it? Perhaps Dress A Girl Australia's Clothes Sponsorship program can be of help. 

New dresses and boys' clothes are available for sponsorship. Help make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate children in different locations around the world. For $10.00 or for a price of about 3 cups of coffee, you can sponsor to dress a girl or a dude. 

For more information and/or to sponsor, all you need is click on the link below - Thank you.

Or if being able to hug something or a teddy bear is your cup of tea in making a difference to a life of a disadvantaged kid, then check out my handmade teddy bears and softies.

Your purchase of any of these two programs will be a big help in sustaining this self-funded wonderful cause. For more information, please send an email to

Also to be made available soon are pre-owned items of mine which I am currently sorting and organizing so I could sell to raise money for postage for Christmas distributions. It is coming out very soon.

Parcel Acknowledgements - Project Philippines (c-o Days for Girls MM) and Vietnam

Parcels have arrived and acknowledged for Project Vietnam and Project Philippines (c-o Days for Girls MM)
1) From Project Vietnam -
2) From Project Philippines (c-o Days for Girls MM) -

Thank you to everyone who made these distributions possible.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Parcels for Vietnam sent today

The two parcels for Vietnam were posted today c-o CauseCorps, the group who will be travelling to Vietnam in July.
Thank you to everyone who made this distribution possible.