Sunday, 31 August 2014

Shopping Day

Went shopping yesterday for plastic template graphic and knit fabrics and happen to pass by a warehouse shop that sells stuff for kids including dress costumes and saw this panda costume for a 3-4 year old toddler. It was the only one left and being sold for $5.00. Bought the item and will be posting it tomorrow morning to Operation Uganda in their Queensland office for their new day care centre. 
This is the panda costume that I bought which I have packed and ready for mailing tomorrow -
and these are the knit fabrics I bought which I am going to make into t-shirts (now that I know how to make one I want to make a few more) and a muslin fabric which I am going to use to make into head dolls - a new item I want to make to raise funds for postage and my Dress A Girl Australia well for the people of Kalagi Uganda.

Update on Labels and distribution

All requests for patterns and labels as of last night have been filled and will be dropped in the mailbox tomorrow. I have cut down some of the number of labels requested so I get the chance to share my limited number of labels available to everyone.

Also, I will be sending 2 boxes of dresses to CDO Philippines again this week to share my blessings and yours with the children of this location which has and holds a very special spot in my heart and where I was born in the month of September. Watch out for details to be posted soon. Thank you.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

More Pictures from the CDO Philippines Distribution

Here are more pictures sent from the dress distribution made today in another remote location of Barangay Balubal in CDO Philippines made by my niece Dr Sharon Azura-Paglinawan. Another group of very grateful kids blessed by the hands of the sewers who made these dresses. (Barangay means community. Pulis means Police to protect and keep the distribution safe.)

Thank you to Sharon for making this distribution very possible. Your desire to bring the dresses to these remote locations brought those lovely smiles on the kids who got to receive them and for this my heartfelt thank you.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#116 to #118 - From Sharyn, Toni and Lyn

With August month fast closing down, a few more parcel donations need to be acknowledged. This time three parcels from Sharyn Cafee, Toni Renn and Lyn Granger and  dresses for allocation to the Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) which is about to end as well when August month ends.

1) Donation #116 is a parcel of 6 dresses from Toni Renn four of which is to be allocated to Project Uganda and the other 2 for an upcoming charity drive -
2) Donation #117 is a parcel of 4 dresses from Sharyn Cafee to be allocated to Project Uganda -
3) Donation #118 is a parcel of six dresses from Lyn Granger all of which is allocated to Project Uganda.  The dress with the yellow pocket was donated by Maryann Conway of Kiama Downs -
To Sharyn, Lyn, Maryann and Toni, thank you for your dress donations. Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated. Thank you.

With the above dress donations, total count for Project Uganda as of tonight is 113 dresses. Thank you to all the donors who are helping make this project a big success. Much appreciated.

First t-shirt made ever

Made my very first T-shirt using the pattern that I made available by request yesterday.
 Wish I will have more time so I can make more in the future as I enjoyed sewing it.

Five more dresses for Project Uganda

Completed tonight are five more dresses that will be allocated to Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) with fabrics donated by Millhouse Collections -
With these five dresses, total number of dresses sewn this week is 18. 15 dresses from fabrics donated by Millhouse Collections, 2 dresses from fabrics donated by Nicole Devet and 1 from Jenni Kirillov on behalf of her mum. Total count of dresses for Project Uganda as of tonight is 99.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sewing Bee for Kids - More Info

I have been asked almost a hundred times if I would like to organize a sewing bee for kids. Would love to do it if my schedule would allow me (this is in my bucket list next to the Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu which I have now ticked) but still cannot find the proper slot in my time schedule to organize for one. Takes time to organize one but to those who are asking..dont despair. I will put this on the top 3 of my "things to do" next year..when I spend the year creating dangerously for a better world. Chances of me really going crazy to hold one this year before the year ends is kind of hazy. Thank you for asking though.

T-shirt Pattern now available

I now have a pattern for a t-shirt but on paper. If you would like to dare the t-shirt world, please fill up form to request for one. The pattern is a size 4 but for those who love challenges you can easily adjust it for a bigger size. 

Form to request for a pattern can be found on the left side navigation pane of this blog or click on the link below -

More dresses for Project Uganda from Millhouse Collections

The 'pressure' button is on. At work, when I have deadlines to meet, I switch on a 'pressure' button. And whenever this button is active, excellent results happen. I complete a task even before it is due. I solve a problem just by looking at the error. I work like nobody else is around even if am surrounded by lots of people. 

Well, I replicated the 'pressure' button with my work here in Dress A Girl Australia. I sort and pack, answer emails, write articles for my blog, update my facebook page, take pictures of dresses donated and acknowledge them like there are no other tasks to do. I close my eyes and ears to people's comments and I can sew. I enjoy what I like doing best and that is create something to make a difference. And since last night and tonight, this is what I was able to complete with the 'pressure' button switch on - 7 dresses for Project Uganda - Fabrics donated by Millhouse Collections.
 The 'pressure' button will remain switch on until I have sewn 20 dresses. Latest count is 10 so I need to do 10 more for perhaps another day and a half and then I move forward to another task on hand. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Updates on Project Hope Burma and parcels

Here is an update on Project Hope Burma after I posted a status update last night and a few parcels that were sent last week. Since the only way I can communicate with everyone especially to the donors is through this blog and facebook page (and not everyone I believe is keen on facebook but this blog has all the details), I just thought writing this post would be a great idea to keep you all informed of major activities happening within Dress A Girl Australia and whereabouts of some of your donations-

1) Project Hope Burma -It was raining and pouring when I woke up this morning but it was 'rainbow' day as far as this project was concerned. The posting I did last night for 28 more t-shirts for the boys in Htee Ther Leh primary school in Myanmar was generously filled by Catherine Jenkins. So now all 103 boys will be receiving new pairs of shorts with new t-shirts.

2) I did a posting of this in my facebook page but forgot to post here in my blog. Just to let everyone know status of a few parcels that I have already sorted and packed and waiting for send-off. Four parcels started their long journey (between 10 to 12 weeks)  last week to Romania and Peru.
         - 2 parcels of quilts were sent to Romania last 21-Aug-2014. Click on the 'Romania parcels' link below to see which quilts made the journey  -
         - 2 parcels of dresses and pairs of shorts were sent to Peru last 20-Aug-2014. Click on the 'Parcel links' below to see which dresses and pairs of shorts made the journey -
                                               Parcel 1             Parcel 2                                              

Fingers crossed they all will make it to their respective destinations in time for Christmas. Now it is time for me to make a follow-up on parcels I sent in May and confirm if they have made it to their locations.

As Christmas time is fast approaching, watch out for more updates on status of a few more parcels ready to for take-off.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Latest Update on Project Hope Burma and Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries)

As of tonight, this is the status on Project Hope Burma and Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) -
         Project Hope Burma - 177 dresses, 75 matching sets of t-shirts and pairs of shorts for the boys
         Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) - 87 dresses

Also, I got advised that for the first delivery to Burma in October, in one of the schools in Myanmar were distribution will be made, there are actually 103 boys. We are kind of short of 28 t-shirts between the ages of 9 to 12 . If there is anyone out there who would like to donate t-shirts between the sizes of 8 to 10 so we can provide to all 103 boys instead of to just 75, it will be very much appreciated. As usual, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. 

These are some of the kids that will be recipients of your kindness and generosity when delivery is made in October. I am sure they will be very happy and grateful to receive your gifts. Thank you.

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#114 to #115 -From Eliza Leahy and Renade Fulton

Last two donation acknowledgements from last week's parcel pickups from Eliza Leahy and Renade Fulton.
1) Donation #114 is a parcel of 39 dresses from Eliza Leahy. Six of the dresses have been allocated to Project Uganda.
Would also like to acknowledge the following people for their fabric and accessories' donation, help in postage and support in making these 39 dresses possible -
1) Zoe Farris, Sherrie Martin, Wendy Peters, Tracie Thistleton, Cheryl Luck
2) Kerri Murchie for fixing Eliza Leahy's sewing machine.
3) Sharon Skinner, Wendy Millgat-Mougenot, Dave B, Loreful, Ross Dawe, Andrea Digney, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Elizabeth P. Flint
4) Karen L. Macleod, Zoe Farris, Linda Robinett and Jacquie Houlden
5) Jon Pestana, Rob Crosby, Liz, Debra Kuch, Mal Lloyd and Judith Mott
6) Marg, Kaires Tevesu, Caron Murphy, Rosamund Brawn Robbins, Cherry, Jeff Rowse, Bec Hollis, Ann-Margaret Morrisey, Lara and Don Mcpherson
7) Marty Key, Shantel O'Connor, Danny Goodrich and Natalie Johnston.

2) Donation #115 is a parcel of 7 dresses from Renade Fulton. All seven have been allocated to Project Uganda.
Thank you to all the donors for making these donations possible. Your kindness and generosity are highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

With these last 2 donations, this brings my total as per below for Project Uganda and Project Hope Burma -

Project Hope Burma -
        - Dresses - 177
        - Shorts - 75
        - T-shirts - 75
Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) -
        - Dresses - 87 Dresses

And for those who still intend to donate, please note the following cut-off dates for the projects - all parcels posted on or before -
Project Hope Burma - Sep 15, 2014
Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) - Aug 31, 2014.

Thank you to all who have made these projects a success so far. Your kindness and generosity are highly appreciated. Thank you.

School Supplies #6 - for Project "Education Without Borders" from Jayne and Sarah

14 more fabric school bags I received from Jayne Hogan (7) and Sarah Tanmahapran (7) to support an on-going "Education without Borders" project. These items will be distributed in 2015 when the new school year opens. Here are the bags -
Also included in Sarah's parcel were a girl's undie, pair of socks and two fabric headbands.
Thank you so much Jayne and Sarah for your support of this on-going project. Thank you for helping change the lives of the less fortunate children, the hope of our future. Thank you.

More Dresses made from Millhouse Collections' Fabric Donations

Yes, it looks like my sewing mojo is back. My sewing machine and I have been busy the past two days and as of today, I have made six dresses and 2 pairs of shorts. All dresses will be allocated to the Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) and more dresses to come. Sewing is the only thing that is on my mind these days while the momentum is still desire to sew is still up there.

The fabrics used on the 3 dresses you see in this picture were donated by Nicole Devet and Jenni Kirillov on behalf of her mum who used to be a seamstress and is now retired. The fabrics for the 2 pairs of shorts were donated by Nicole Devet.
The 3 dresses made below were from the fabric donations of Millhouse Collections(c-o Sue Daley). 
and I know this is a big ask but I intend to finish these 11 pre-cut fabrics as I want to send more dresses to Uganda and am now five days away from the deadline of end of the month. These pre-cut fabrics were also donated by the Millhouse Collections and there are more dresses to come.
By the time I finish this batch I would have added 17 more dresses to Project Uganda and if there is still time I intend to make that 20.

Monday, 25 August 2014

2 Dresses for Project Uganda

My sewing machine has been back from repairs for almost a week now but I still have not found my desire  to sit down and start making dresses which I want to for Project Uganda. So last night at about 10pm I forced myself to sit and start making a dress until I give up and by midnight I gladly finished 2. I used black bias tapes using a cream thread as I have about 5 reels of unused black bias tapes which I want to start using to free up the space it occupies in my cabinet. No black thread since I cannot see them well at night   when sewing but lots of white thread. Actually they are not white, they are cream so I used cream against black. I dont want to buy materials these days as I do not want to spend any money. It didnt look bad except if my sewing is not in a straight line it shows but dont think that will make much difference. At least I had the right fabric materials and make 2 kids happy.
These fabrics were donated by Nicole Devet and Jenni Kirrilov on behalf of her mum. And both these dresses will be allocated to Project Uganda.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#111 to #113 - Dresses from Graham, Two Bettys and Sharyn

Next batch of 3 donors for this month of August for dresses received from Graham Purcell, the Two Bettys' Betty Barrett and Betty Paull and Sharyn Cafee.
1) Donation #111 is a parcel of 12 pairs of shorts and 6 dresses from Graham Purcell who also donated 2 quilts and has been acknowledged separately. These dresses and shorts have been allocated to an upcoming Project Christmas 2014 due to its sizes -
2) Donation #112 is a parcel of 4 dresses from Sharyn Cafee and all allocated to the Project Uganda -
3) Donation #113 is a parcel of 21 dresses and 15 mini bags from the two Bettys - Betty Barrett and Betty Paull. 13 dresses have been allocated to Project Burma, 6 dresses allocated to Project Uganda and the remaining 2 dresses to an upcoming Project Christmas 2014 -
Thank you so much to Graham Purcell, Sharyn Cafee and the two Bettys' Betty Paull and Betty Barrett for your support through the dresses that you have made. Your kindness and generosity are highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#108 to #110 - Donations from Jacqui, Jayne and the Wollongong Group Australian Sewing Guild

More dresses to acknowledge means more dresses soon to start their journeys to Burma and Uganda. This time, the parcels are from the Ladies of QCWA Willows Branch as organized and sent in by Jacqui Piper, Jayne Hogan and the Ladies of the Australian Sewing Guild, Wollongong group. Here they are -
1) Donation #108  is a parcel of 4 dresses from the QCWA Willows Branch which was organized and sent in by Jacqui Piper. Three of the dresses have been allocated to Project Burma and one dress to Project Uganda.
2) Donation #109 is a parcel of 14 dresses and 7 fabric school bags from Jayne Hogan. The bags will be acknowledged separately (similar to the one I did for the donated quilts). All 14 dresses have been allocated to Project Burma -
3) Donation #110 is a parcel of 14 dresses from the Ladies of the Australian Sewing Guild, Wollongong Branch and was sent in by Helen Copas. Two of the dresses were allocated to Project Uganda and the remaining 12 will be allocated to an upcoming Project Christmas 2014 which I hope to open in late September or early October -
and these are three of the ladies of the Wollongong Australian Sewing Guild admiring the dresses they made - Kay Price, Elizabeth Woods and Lynne Laing -
and not in the picture are Jathryn Jill Nobes, Helen Copas and Meg Solomon who donated fabrics.

My heartfelt thanks to all the ladies who made these dresses for their kindness and generosity. Thank you for helping make this world a better place for the 32 kiddies who will be recipients of these wonderful dresses. Much appreciated.

Size preferences for Dresses and info

A lot of people are asking about dress sizes and size preferences are for girls between the ages of 8 to 12 as these can be given even to kids between the ages of 6 to 10. I have about 100 dresses between the sizes of 0 to 4 which I find difficult to distribute because these ages are difficult to access. Volunteers need to go to the houses of these kids and sometimes the locations are not that safe. For donors, once they send their donated dresses, they think that their job is done but for me the job has just began. People dont realize that I also think about the welfare of the people who go out to distribute dresses and their safety. 

A lot of people donate small sizes. I can understand this because perhaps it is expensive to donate larger sizes but if you can donate 10 dresses maybe you can just make 6 out of the fabrics not 10 so you can give more to the length. Really if you think about it girls that really need dresses are between the sizes of 7 to 12. Girls you see in some of the pictures are between the ages of 7 to 10 wearing dresses sized 5 and 6 because this is what I receive which needs to be distributed. I am happy that they get to wear new dresses but not really that happy because I know they wont be wearing it for a long time because of their lengths (these kids are growing not sideways maybe but taller) and keep wishing that if only I could add more to the length they will be walking, hopping and jumping around wearing the dress much longer. So if any of you feel the same way that I do, please be more generous with the lengths of your dresses so they can be outgrown by the kids who get to own them.Thank you.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Quilt Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#4 & #5 - From Graham and Tannis

Why is it that whenever I see a quilt I always have the feeling of comfort and joy? And this is the same feeling I had with Quilt Donation #4 Tannis Brennan and #5 from Graham Purcell. A feeling of comfort and joy even when I have all the luxury of warmth, comfort and joy already in my own home. So just imagine the kind of warmth, comfort and joy a few kids in Romania would feel when they get a chance to receive one of these quilts. What a difference it would have in their lives.
1) Quilt Donation #4 is from Tannis Brennan which was sent in a parcel together with dresses and shorts -
2) Quilt Donation #5 is from Graham Purcell. I remember very well the very first time when Graham sent me an email early this year asking if it was ok for him to get in touch with me and introducing himself as quite a competent sewer for a male. I dont think he realized that at the time I read his email how impressed I was with his accomplishments as a sewer and I dont think I would be braved enough to put my sewing credentials (which is sewing a pillowcase dress) next to his.
Anyway, thank you so much Graham for these wonderful quilts and to Tannis Brennan. Thank you. These are very well appreciated and thank you for helping a few kids feel warmth, comfort and joy during their winter season.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#104 to #107 - Dresses from Ann, Maureen, Tannis and Frances

Can not seem to keep up with the counting with more parcels arriving at my postbox for Project Hope Burma and Project Uganda but need to know how many more children can be provided with dresses, t-shirts and shorts they can call their own, I need to work overtime. A few people have asked why I do these kind of acknowledgements when I could easily dump all these items in a box and post. The reason why I do this is to show my appreciation to all the donors and let them know how I value what they made, the time and effort they spend making these dresses and the cost of providing the materials. And as long as the guidelines are diligently considered I am happy to help everyone make a difference by finding owners of their donations.  Also I sign for the parcels that I send anywhere in the world so I have to make sure that they are packed well and safe to send.

For this batch of donation acknowledgements ,I have added 29 more dresses for Project Uganda and 52 more dresses and 8 matching sets of t-shirts and shorts for Project Hope Burma.
1) Donation #104 is a parcel of 44 dresses, 6 pairs of shorts, 1 quilt and 4 girls undies from Tannis Brennan. 29 of the dresses have been allocated to Project Uganda and the remaining dresses for future drives. A lot of the fabric materials used in these items were donated by the patchwork group of her mum in Busselton. The quilt will be acknowledged separately as I think I have another quilt from another donor in one of the unopened parcels.
2) Donation #105 is a parcel of 10 dresses from Ann Field with fabrics donated by Jenny Bonner. All dresses allocated to Project Hope Burma -
3) Donation #106 is a parcel of 36 dresses from Frances Cornish. Again, all dresses allocated to Project Hope Burma -
4) Donation #107 is a parcel of 6 dresses, 6 pairs of shorts and 8 t-shirts from Maureen O'Brien. All items allocated to Project Hope Burma.
Thank you, Ladies, for all the wonderful dresses and pairs of shorts you have made for the less fortunate children. Thank you to Maureen for the t-shirts. And to the fabric donors as well. Thank you. Your kindness and generosity are very much appreciated.

Here is an update of the projects as of today with the above donations -
           Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) - Dresses 55 
           Project Hope Burma (Oct delivery) - Dresses - 147
                                                                 - Shorts - 71
                                                                 - T-shirts - 71

And lastly, a reminder of the deadlines -
          Project Uganda ends at the end of August
          Project Hope Burma (Oct delivery) ends mid-September

Deadline for dresses for Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries)

Good Morning everyone! This is the last call for dresses for Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries). As of today, I have 75 dresses and about 2 more parcels to open. If you would like to donate, all dresses must be posted on or before Aug 31st (8 days to the deadline) to get to my postbox by the first week of September. This will allow me to have a little bit more of time to sort at nightime and post by mid-September. 

Postal address - Dress A Girl Australia
                           P.O. Box 240
                           Casula Mall Casula
                           NSW 2170

This is the last drive for Uganda for this year (unless someone offers or volunteers to take dresses with them for a Uganda visit). All dresses must be for girls sized 14, 15 and 16. Minimum length of 32" or 80cms. No thin or flimsy materials. Thank you.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A time to laugh for a change

I think this is me...too loud for Dress A Girl Around the World (Australia) LOL! 
You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.
~Danielle LaPorte

I know a lot of people do not agree with the way I run Dress A Girl Australia (i.e complain too much) but believe me when I say if you want to make the world brighter...then do it right way. Unfortunately for some, I dont spend time thinking about what other people might think of the things I do and how I do it. If I think it is right...then it is right. If I think it will make lives better....then it is right and I do it. ♥☻♥

And don't forget that today is World Humanitarian Day. Here is an image with a great message I got from the Kid President - 
And here is a great daily 'food for thought' ....
Have a great day everyone!

Repost of Guidelines when making and donating dresses

I am reposting these guidelines if you are making dresses to donate. If you want your dresses to be included in the distributions, please make sure you read these guidelines.

If some of you appreciate the work that I do to help all of us make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate, the time and effort I spend making contact to different communities, finding volunteers willing to spare their time and money travelling to remote locations in some locations and raising funds to pay for the cost of sending these dresses to different locations around the world, then you will appreciate and understand why there are guidelines. Thank you.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cards for Dad Fundraising Sale

In 2 weeks time we will be celebrating Dad's big day. Sept 7 is Father's Day in Australia. Since my family always celebrates Dad's day, I always find it a pleasure to make small cheap things to sell to help celebrate the big day. Small cheap things but wonderful keepsakes. Small cheap things but heavy in message. For this year, a few items I have made and now available for sale in my e-shop hoping it would raise some money for postage fund.
Please click on the image above or click here to check out these items from my Dress A Girl Australia e-shop. Hope you will find something that you will like and make a purchase.
Dont forget to check out my new printed greeting cards too. All proceeds from sales will be donated to my Dress A Girl Australia well project for the people of Kalagi Uganda. Please click on the image below to check out my handmade cards e-shop.
They all come in standard 110mm x 155mm white plain cards with matching white envelopes for easy gift-giving.
For 'Get well' cards, click here.
For 'Little Sentiments' for any occasion, click here.
For 'Cards for Dad', click here.
For thank you Cards, click here.
For Birthday cards, click here.

Drop by the online shop regularly as new items are being added almost everyday. Please help spread the word as they are all handmade for a great cause. Check out here some of the distributions of dresses around the world I have made from the proceeds of sales from my online shops. About 20% of these distributions are paid for from the proceeds of selling some of these stuff. Instead of going to my pocket I give it to the world. The rest I get the money from selling stuff I do not need. Links to postage receipts are available on this page. Although sales are not that big, they still contribute a lot to the cost of sending dresses around the world.

Click here for my fundraising page for a Dress A Girl Australia well to be built to give hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Label requests

Good day everyone. I have limited number of labels left and find it difficult to find the time to make new ones as most of my spare time is spent on finding ways to raise money for postage. I will be filling up requests but going to cut down the number of labels to send vs what was requested. This way I am able to provide labels to more donors. Thank you.

Also, if you want labels, please can I ask that you fill up the form to request labels. I dont think it is too much to ask. This way, I only have to look at one log and able to do the job effectively. Let us make a difference by helping one another too and filling up label forms makes quite a difference to the tasks I have to do on my limited spare time. This way, you dont keep on sending me emails asking where your labels are. 

Starting today I will only fill up requests send using the form -
Here is the link to the form - click here. The link can also be found on the left side navigation pane under the 'Dress A Girl' forms -

Friday, 15 August 2014

Dress Distribution #73B - For Project Hope Burma Parcel 2

This is the second delivery of dresses, t-shirts/shorts sets and fabrics for the Project Hope Burma which will be sent to Croydon Hills Baptist Church (c-o Kathy Thompson) this weekend. Included in these 3 parcels are 49 dresses, 50 pairs of matching t-shirts and shorts, 8 packs of girls undies and another 10 kilos worth of fabrics. Here are the parcels -
and here are the contents of the parcels -
made possible by the following donors - (Final List for Parcel 2)
1) Craft & Hope and Ladies of Kapunda Sewing Group
2) Monika Osvald
3) Inspired Peel Sewers
4) Elaine Klein
5) Eliza Leahy
6) Golden Girls 2(Julie, Kay,Betty and Pauline)
7) Sharyn Cafee
8) Sarah MacRaild
9) Lyn Granger
10) Vanya Bryant
11) Maureen O'Brien
12) Catherine Jenkins
13) Renade Fulton
14) Jayne Hogan
15) Betty Barrett/Betty Paull
16) Fabi Sun
made possible by the following donors - (Final List for Parcel 2)
1) Katherine Nott
2) Jenni Kirillov (mum's fabric stash)
3) Wright Family
4) Kim Foster
5) Karin Maltby
6) Dress A Girl Australia

This second group of 3 parcels brings the total contribution made to Project Hope Burma to 95 dresses, 63 pairs of matching t-shirts and pairs of shorts, 10 packs of girls and boys undies and about 20 kilos of fabric materials to be sewn into more dresses and pairs of shorts by the sewing group in Victoria headed by Barbara Dodson. To see larger images of this distribution, please click here.

Thank you to all the donors who made this distribution possible. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Latest Update on Project Hope Burma and Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries)

With the parcels I received and picked up from the postoffice yesterday, more dresses and matching tshirts & shorts were added to the Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) and Project Hope Burma.
For Project Uganda, 2 dresses were added bringing my total to 26 dresses today made possible by Sian McIntosh -
For Project Hope Burma, 15 dresses and 14 matching sets of tshirts and shorts were added bringing my total to 95 dresses and 63 matching sets today -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Jayne Hogan
2) Renade Fulton
3) Lynette Granger
4) Vanya Bryant
5) Elaine Klein
6) Fabi Sun
7) Eliza Leahy

To see larger images and more details of the donations/donors, please click here for Project Hope Burma and here for Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries).

My wholehearted thank you to all the donors of these collections. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated. Thank you.

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#100 to #103 - From Renade, Lynette, Jayne and Sian

More donations to acknowledge with more parcels coming in everyday for the two projects am currently running back to back - Project Hope Burma and Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries). All dresses, pairs of shorts and t-shirts from this batch have been allocated to these 2 active projects.
1) Donation #100 is a parcel of 2 dresses from Sian McIntosh and allocated to the Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) -
2) Donation #101 is a parcel of 5 dresses, 4 pairs of shorts, 4 boys t-shirts and 5 girls t-shirts all allocated to the Project Hope Burma from Renade Fulton. These dresses were sewn from a $50 donation made by an 89-year-old gentleman by the name of Robert Parsons who is turning 90 on the 8th of September.
3) Donation #102 is a parcel of 5 dresses and 2 matching sets of t-shirts and pairs of shorts from Lynette Granger. The fabric materials were donated by the women of the Miranda Patchwork group and Jan John of Kiama Downs. They were so glad to make the donations when they heard of this wonderful cause. All dresses and matching sets of t-shirts and shorts have been allocated to Project Hope Burma -
4) Donation #103 is a parcel of 5 dresses, 60 girls undies, 40 school bags and packs of pencils and pens from Jayne Hogan for the Project "Education without Borders" 2015. The school bags and packs of pencils and pens have been acknowledged separately. The dresses have been allocated to Project Hope Burma -
A whole heaps of thanks to all the donors. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. It is very much appreciated.

School Supplies #5 - for Project "Education Without Borders" from Jayne and Elaine

One thing is very sure and that is I will not be where I am today without the education I was provided by my parents. And if you believe on the button messages below I am pretty sure that a lot of you will be supporting me in my on-going project this year of "Education Without Borders" 2015.
I used to call it School Supplies and School Bags charity drives (but have changed it to a more sophisticated name - Project Education without Borders 2015 LOL!). I have now identified one organization that will highly benefit from the donations I am receiving. And without further ado, #5 and #6 donation acknowledgements are as follows -
Donation #5 are 12 fabric bags from Elaine Klein and Donation #6 are packs of pencils and pens and 40 fabric school bags from Jayne Hogan.
Thank you Elaine and Jayne for your generous support of this project. Thank you for helping make a difference to the lives of those who would love to be educated but not lucky enough to get one. It is so much appreciated. These supplies will be a great help to them. Thank you.

Parcels for Project Hope Burma and Project Uganda only at this time please!!

A happy day everyone! Just a friendly reminder once again that due to the number of parcels that are arriving these days I am only accepting parcels with dress donations for the Project Hope Burma and Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries). Please do not send me dresses that cannot be included in any of these collections at this time. This will allow me to sort correctly and put the dresses, t-shirts & shorts in the right boxes. Please note that I do the sorting at night time so tendencies for mistakes in sorting could easily happen and it will be a disaster if I put the wrong dresses in the wrong plastic bags. Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

More sets for Project Hope Burma

I have been able to match 10 more sets of t-shirts & shorts for Project Hope Burma Parcel 2 to be sent soon for delivery in early October. 
These sets made possible by
1) Lyn Granger 
2) Vanya Bryant 
3) Maureen O'Brien
4) Eliza Leahy
5) Inspired Peel Sewers
6) Catherine Jenkins

Thank you to the donors who made these sets possible. It is much appreciated.

For those who have committed to make donations for this project, please make sure that the parcels are posted on or before the 15th of September. At this stage I am not sure how committed I will be on the second delivery in December as I have other locations to think about for Christmas distribution. By the time I have sent all the parcels for early October delivery to Victoria, my postage budget for this project will have been used up. The second delivery will not take as much priority in my extra time as this first delivery. Also, there is a group that will be focusing on sewing dresses for this project based in Victoria, If you want to join this group, please send an email to

With these 10 sets, it brings my total to 49 for t-shirts and 49 for shorts. Dresses still remain at 80 but with the emails I have been receiving about parcels being sent, I am looking at 150 dresses by the end of August. And with the fabric materials I have sent in the first parcel including elastics and another batch in the next few days, I am looking at perhaps another 50 dresses being made by the group in Victoria so that would more or less bring my total to about 200 dresses. Thank you for your support.