Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Donation #6 - Christmas 2016 Collection - Ten dresses from Yvonne

Received a parcel of 10 dresses today donated by Yvonne Henderson.
I had a few left of undies donated by Jody Clooney which I have allocated to some of the dresses.

Thank you Yvonne for your consistent support of Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to provide dresses to disadvantaged kids. Thank you for helping make a difference. Much appreciated.

Donation #5 - Christmas 2016 Collection - Fabrics for boys pair of shorts

6 metres of army man soft canvas fabric to make into pairs of boys' shorts. Fabrics were purchased from the sale of handmade dresses sewn by Monika Osvald. 
Thank you Monica! Much appreciated.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Donation #4 - Christmas 2016 Collection from Rachel

These 8 dresses I received today were donated by Rachel Walsh and will be included in the Christmas 2016 collection. All dresses come with undies.
Thank you, Rachel. Thank you for supporting the Christmas 2016 project. Much appreciated.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Feedback Dress Distribution #106 - Philippines - Oct 2016

Here are a few pictures taken from the dress distribution #106 completed in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, Philippines about two hours away from Metro Manila by plane.
For more larger and individual pictures taken from the distribution, please click here.

My heartfelt thanks to the alumni of Lourdes College High School Batch 1970 for helping out and making this distribution possible. Much appreciated.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Donation #2 - Quilts for Elderlies

Second quilt received today for Project: Quilts for elderlies. This quilt was sent and donated by Sylvia Pommerening.
Thank you to Sylvia for the quilt and for supporting Project: Quilt for elderlies. Much appreciated.

Thank you from Mac Uni Catholic Society

Last month I wrote about an exhibit at Macquarie University presenting the corporal works of Mercy to celebrate the Jubilee year of Mercy. At this exhibit, Dress A Girl Australia's campaign was featured as an example of the "clothing the naked'' corporal work of mercy. Today, I received this ''thank you'' card for helping with the Catholic Society's mercy week.
If you want to continue on with this corporal work of mercy and you do not sew or cannot find the time to sew, why not sponsor a dress. All you have to do is click on the link below. Proceeds from the sponsorship will help pay for the cost of distributing these dresses and/or donated ones. Thank you.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

FYI to protect your donated items from getting wet if it rains

Good Day everyone! With the unpredictable weather we are having these days, can I please request dress donors to put their donated items, if possible inside a plastic bag (like grocery bags) before putting them in a box or satchel. If there is nobody home, the postman just drops the parcel inside the gate and there is nothing to protect the parcel if it rains.This way, if the dresses are protected by a plastic bag they do not get wet if it rains even if the external packaging gets wet. Hoping for your understanding. Thank you.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Donation #2 - #3 - Project : Christmas 2016

Two more parcels arrived today from lesley Kroese and Kellie Cameron for the Christmas project.
1) ten dresses from Lesley Kroese -
2) four dresses from Kellie Cameron. the undies are from Jody Clooney's donation.
Thank you to Lesley and Kellie for the dresses and the undies from Jody. special thanks to lesley for the postage donation. It is much appreciated. Thank you.

Donation #1 - Quilts for Elderlies

Today I received the first quilt donation for Project : Quilt for Elderlies. The quilt was donated by Gwenda Doherty and she hopes that it will bring warmth and peace to the recipient which I am sure it will plus comfort and joy.
Thank you to Gwenda for the lovely quilt. Much appreciated.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Donation #1 - Project Christmas - Jody Clooney

A parcel of 5 dresses with undies and an extra 11 undies from Jody Clooney is our first donation of dresses for the  Christmas 2016 project. Jody sew the dresses on behalf of Deb Colahan and Nadia Hamilton who donated the fabrics.
Thank you to Jody for sparing her time to sew these dresses and to Deb and Nadia for providing the materials that Jody can use.

rainbow over the vatican square and a dress

About a week ago I was in Rome in the Vatican City. The picture below I took after coming out of St Peter's Basilica after completing a 3-1/2 hour tour of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum and St Peter's Basilica itself. I was so happy and felt completely satisfied of the tour and more so when I saw the rainbow over the vatican square when I came out. The people around me got excited and so happy to see the rainbow that almost everyone who saw it took a picture. At that moment while looking around I remembered a couple of lines from the song "What a wonderful world" which goes this way -
"The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by"
The atmosphere was so good, something different from what I sometimes would normally see where everyone looked so happy. After a while it made me think of the dresses that I collect and give to disadvantaged kids, dresses that make a difference to their lives. I was thinking that if seeing a rainbow in the sky can bring so much happiness and excitement to people who I would consider priviledged for being there, imagine that rainbow was a dress. Imagine the happiness in the child's face when she is given a dress, a dress that she now can call her own. That smile could be priceless. So I told myself that from now on I dont have to have hundreds and hundreds of dresses to give, only a few that comes from the heart but a few that will make a big difference to the world, a few that will make this world a wonderful world just like the rainbow.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Feedback Distribution #104 - Papua New Guinea

A couple of pictures from the distribution of dresses and a few school supplies to the orphans of the BFO Orphanage in Papua New Guinea. 
Girls wearing their new dresses -
and the boys with their school supplies' allocation -
The school bag and small totes were saved for Christmas time. For larger individual images, please click here.

Thank you to the BFO and Dimmett doings for sharing and making this distribution possible. Much appreciated.

Feedback Quilt Distribution #3 - Pakistan

Here are a few pictures taken from the distribution of quilts (Distribution #3) in Pakistan as organized by Lubna Ghani.  The quilts were given to a group of women in the Maseetian Village who are working as brick kilners and vegetable pickers. 

For more pictures and larger images of the distribution, please click here.

Thank you to Lubna Ghani for organizing and making this quilt distribution possible.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

First 2 sponsored dresses for Christmas Distribution

These 2 dresses sponsored by Sophie Dargaville officially opens up the collection for Christmas 2016 distribution.

For more details on the Christmas 2016 collection, please click here.

Thank you to Sophie for sponsoring these dresses. If you want to sponsor dresses, all you have to do is click on the link below -
For $10.00, you can share your happiness with a disadvantaged child this Christmas. Thank you.

Project : Christmas 2016 (Dress Distribution #107)

The collection allocated for Christmas offically opens today. 

All dresses to be donated for this distribution should meet all the guidelines on how to make dresses including materials to use. No dresses using flimsy materials will be accepted. If you use flimsy materials, please make sure you put lining on the dresses. 

Maximum number of dresses that can be donated : 
               Individual donor - 10 dresses 
               Group - 25 dresses 
Any contributions to help with postage will be highly appreciated. 

For those intending to donate, please send me an email or message at for postal details. Postal details will not be posted on this blog or in my facebook page for privacy and/or security reasons. 

Deadline for all dresses to be donated will be Thursday, 30th of November 2016. All parcels must be posted on or before this date.

For those who wants to make a difference this Christmas and do not have the time to sew or cannot sew, all you have to do is sponsor a dress. Your sponsorship will help a lot in paying for the cost of distributing. To sponsor a dress, please click on the link below. More dresses for sponsorship will be made available in the next few days.
                                        Dress Sponsorship Program

For any questions and/or more information regarding this distribution, send a message or email at Thank you.