Thursday, 28 July 2011

More dresses to post

Its been a busy month at work due to the end of financial year but things are going back to normal and it is time once again for the start of a new financial year. What a circle. Anyway, with a long weekend coming up courtesy of a bank holiday every first Monday of August which is also our company's picnic day, I finally will find the time to take pictures of the several dresses I have made whenever I can over the past 3 weeks. Being busy wasnt an excuse not to make at least a couple of dresses a week knowing that somewhere out there any of these dresses will bring a smile to a little girl.

Another six weeks and it will be September and that would be when Dress A Girl Australia would have reached its target of 100 dresses and I look forward to being able to start distribution.

I warmly welcome new campaigners of Dress A Girl Australia and thank you for believing in this worthwhile cause.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Dresses from HeyBoomShop

More dresses for Dress A Girl Australia. Today I got a partial delivery of 5 dresses out of 11 made by HeyBoomShop all made of Batik prints. The pink dress at the left end is by Kikay Designs. 

All dresses made with love for Dress A Girl Australia. How lucky any of these little girls who will be receiving and wearing any of these dresses are. 

To HeyBoomShop and Kikay Designs, thank you for supporting a very worthwhile cause.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

62 dress labels sent

Been busy the past two weeks I didnt have a chance to make more dresses plus the weather has not really been that cooperative. Was too cold the past weekend to sew.

Anyway, as of today, I have mailed about 62 dress labels so that means in the next few months I probably would be receiving at least 50 dresses for Dress A Girl Australia from kind-hearted ladies. Thank you for your interest in making Dress A Girl Australia a  success and I hope other people would join. Even just one dress or a small piece of fabric to make into a dress or one pillowcase makes a whole lot of difference. One dress means one girl somewhere out there would own it and would'nt that make you feel happy and fulfilled that you made that dress or you made that dream  come true of owning at least one dress for that little girl.

Come and help Dress A Girl Australia achieve its goal of 100 dresses by September and 250 dresses by Christmas. Help support this very worthwhile cause. For more information, feel free to send an email to

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Simple Pattern by HeyBoomshop

This is a very simple pattern I got from heyboomshop who is busy sewing dresses for Dress A Girl Australia for 6 year olds while she is here holidaying in Sydney . Dont ask me why but she said the dresses she is making are for 6 year olds and wherever these 6 year olds are, you could be one of those lucky ones who will be wearing a heyboomshop dress.

Anyway, anyone can make a dress out of this pattern because it is so easy including the armhole. I still have to make the instructions on how to use the pattern but for those readers out there who wants to get an advance copy of the pattern, please fill up the form 'Request for pattern' which you will find on the left navigation bar or send an email to

Saturday, 2 July 2011

More and more Fabrics to sew

Not only am I getting more enquiries from the general public about Dress A Girl Australia, am also getting more campaigners very willingly expressing their desire to make dresses (thanks!)....and getting more and more fabric donations. The past week with whatever time I can spare, I have been spending cutting fabrics. I think I can make about 20 dresses from this batch. Now I need time.....time.....
time! :-)

It is not a happy ending all the time though for Dress A Girl Australia. I also had a rejection from a big fabric retailer today, one of those fabric shops I had on my list I sent an email to. But one rejection is not going to stop me will only make me keep moving on!  As some people would say..when the going gets tough....the tough gets going! 

For any enquiries about Dress A Girl Australia, please do not hesitate to send an email to I can assure you that it is a very worthwhile cause. Once you start sewing, you will find it difficult to stop.