Saturday, 20 February 2016

24 dresses added to my School Starter Dress Sponsorship Program

Today I added 24 more dresses to my Dress Sponsorship Program. Well, let's face it. Without the sponsorship I will not be  able to sustain this charity work nor will I be able to accept dress donations. It is the sponsorship program that is paying for the cost of  sending and distributing dresses. 

The 24 dresses I added is for Project School Supplies and Accessories for the 2016 Education without Borders program. Proceeds from sponsorships I use to purchase school supplies to include in the Dress Starter Kit and most importantly fund my petty postage cash fund.
Anyone who wants to sponsor dresses can check out these kits by clicking on the image above or click here. Other selections of the school starter kits can also be found here and here. Thank you.

Final dresses added to the Easter Collection (Dress Distribution #100)

I have decided to include these dresses in the Easter Collection so I do not have to keep them in the house. It makes distribution a bit more difficult and costly but since I do not know when my next distribution would be especially for these dresses that are small in sizes it is better that they get included in the Easter distribution. Sizes 4 below are quite risky to distribute due to the straps and I also firmly believe that girls ages 7 to 10 are the ones that need dresses the most. I hope next time this will no longer happen. Anyway -
1) From Ann Johnson -
2) From Julie Nielsen -
3) From Kaye Hardman -
Thank you to the donors of the above dresses. Thank you for your generosity.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Dress Distribution #100 - 03/2016 - Easter Distribution - CDO Phils

I was not so sure if I could make this distribution as I was not sure if I will have the money to pay for the postage so early in the new year. Sales even on ebay was not happening as I would like it to be but I finally managed to raise funds enough to pay for a parcel weighing about 30 kilos and in time for Easter distribution. This parcel of 137 dresses will be going to CDO Philippines as this is the only location where I can afford to pay and dress more than a hundred girls age between 8 to 10 for Easter.

Here is the parcel that contains 137 dresses -
and here are the contents of the parcel -
made possible by the following sponsors and donors -
1) Lyn Granger
2) Sue Bertozzo
3) Denise Scott
4) Lee Aeyoung of South Korea
5) Fabric donations by the Millhouse Collections
6) Anonymous Fabric donors
7)  Julie Nielsen
8) Cynthia Sheikh
9) Yvonne Henderson
10) Anne McGinnes
11) Ann Johnson
12) Jenny Albeiz
13) B Pepin
14) Sharyn Paull
15) Monika Osvald
16) Frances Cornish
17) Colleen Mundt
18) Kaye Hardman
19) Lesley Kroese
20) Betty Barrett/Betty Paull
21) Fabi Sun
22) Monique Naranjilla
23) T-shirts for T-shirt Dresses by Megan Jones
24) Dress A Girl Australia

For larger and individual images of the 137 dresses on this collection, please click here

My heartfelt thanks to those who sponsored a few of the dresses and is helping pay for the cost of sending this parcel and to those who donated dresses. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated.

Last 4 dresses for my "Share the Love and Valentine Blessings" this Easter Sewing Marathon

When February started I committed to sewing 25 dresses for a February sewing marathon which I called "Share the Love and Valentine Blessings" this Easter. These 25 dresses are included in Dress Distribution #100 for Easter Collection distribution. Here are the last 4 dresses to complete my 25 dresses -
and if anyone is interested, here is the album that holds all 25 dresses I have sewn. All dresses have been sewn either from my personal fabric collection or donated fabrics. Thank you to the Millhouse Collections and anonymous donors for making this sewing marathon possible. Much appreciated.

Sponsored Dress #8 by J L Oudman

This is  Dress #8 sponsored for the year 2016 and sponsored by J L Oudman. This is a school starter kit dress which includes school supplies and will be given to a disadvantaged kid to help her start a new school year. Distribution of sponsored dresses will be made in the June/July timeframe.
Since the first seven dresses sponsored have already been included in the Easter Collection Distribution, the above dress is the first dress for Distribution #102 - Sponsored Dresses only. Thank you to J L Oudman for supporting my Dress Sponsorship Program which helps sustain Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to provide dresses to disadvantaged kids anywhere in the world whenever financially possible.

If you care about disadvantaged kids and you want to make a difference, why not sponsor a school starter kit. Check them out here and here.

Donation Acknowledgement #8 from Kaye Hardman for the Easter Collection

Last parcel received for the Easter Collection was from Kaye Hardman.
Thank you to Kaye for the dresses. It is much appreciated.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Donation Acknowledgement #7 from Colleen for the Easter Collection

More dresses were added for the Easter Collection today. Twelve dresses with undies from Colleen Mundt and four dresses for my "Share the Love and Valentine Blessings" Sewing Marathon.
1) From Colleen Mundt (12 dresses) -
 2) Dress A Girl Australia's "Share the Love and Valentine Blessings" Sewing Marathon (4 dresses). Fabrics were donated by the Millhouse Collections -
Thank you so much to Colleen Mundt for her dresses and undies. With these dresses, my total collection for Easter as of today is 127.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Very special project coming up!!

I will be coming up with a very special project collection, one that is very close to my heart and this time not dresses. My sisters and I will be actively working on it and I thought that if there are some of you who would like to help sew and donate, it will really be great as I will initially be able to collect at least a 100 of them. I plan to do this every quarter. These items will be donated to the Liverpool Cancer Therapy Wellness centre. I am working out the details and the pattern to use. I know the pattern but I need the number so everyone would be able to sew the same. Watch out for the details very soon and thank you for your support in advance!!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Donation Acknowledgement #6 - 02/2016 for Easter Collection

Twenty-five dresses from 5 various donors were received and added to the Easter Collection today. With these dresses added it brings my total of 111 dresses for distribution at Easter.
1) From B Pepin (3 dresses) -
 2) From Sharyn Paull (6 dresses) 
 3) From Monika Osvald (5 dresses) -
 4) From Frances Cornish (9 dresses) -
5) From Jenny Albeiz (2 dresses) -
Thank you to the above donors. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Much appreciated.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Sponsored Dress by Lyn is Dress #86 for Easter Collection

Today a dress was sponsored by Lyn Granger to help with postage fund 2016 and this dress is number 86 for Easter Collection.
Thank you so much to Lyn for supporting my Dress Sponsorship Program to help raise funds for Dress A Girl Australia's postage fund 2016.

If you would like to make a difference to a life of a single child, why not sponsor a dress just like Lyn. To sponsor, just click on the link below -

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Parcels for Easter Collection

The following dresses sizes 8 to 10 were added to my Easter Collection today bringing my total to 85 for the project.
1) Three dresses from Lyn Granger -
 2) Five dresses from Ann Johnson -
3) One dress I sew today  for my 'Share the Love and Valentine blessings this Easter" sewing marathon -
Thank you to Lyn Granger and Ann Johnson for the dresses. It is much appreciated.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

More dresses added to the Easter Collection

As of today, after adding the following dresses I now have 76 dresses in total for my Easter Collection. I still have 9 more dresses to sew from my goal of 25 dresses plus donations that have been pledged so it looks like I will be able to achieve my target of 100 dresses for this particular distribution.
1) Four dresses from Anne McGinnes -
 2) Ten dresses from two days of sewing for my 'Share the Love and Valentine Blessings' this Easter sewing marathon from donated fabrics -
Thank you to Anne for the four dresses. For those who wants to make a difference this coming Easter season, why not sponsor a dress and help me reach my target of 100 dresses between the sizes of 8 to 10 by the 15th of Feb. To sponsor, all you have to do is click on the link below - Thank you.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Due Date for Easter Collection

Just a friendly reminder if you are contributing to the Easter Collection, all parcels should be posted on or before the 15th of Feb 2016 for your dresses to be included in the distribution. Dress sizes should be between size 8 to 10 onlyNo pickups from the postbox but send a message to for postal details. I will not be responsible for any parcels sent to the postbox. And please do not send any dresses outside these sizes as I have no room to store them and have no location for distribution at this stage Thank you.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sewing Marathon for Easter Collection Dresses 6/25

Today I sew another 3 dresses for my Sewing Marathon - Share the Love and Valentine blessings to disadvantaged kids to be included in the Easter distribution. Here they are - and brings my total to 6 dresses out of 25.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sewing Marathon for Easter Collection Dresses 3/25

Today I started a sewing marathon to share love and Valentine blessings to disadvantaged kids during Easter. I completed 3 dresses today and I hope to sew at least 25 dresses this month.