Saturday, 23 November 2019

Points Donation to make a Difference

It is time to put to good use frequent flyer points that are about to expire. So I donated 1000 points I earned from flying Cebu Pacific Airlines to the Points For Good program of Unicef Philippines.
These points will provide at least 4 undernourished children one full day of supplements and help these kids in the crucial first 1000 days of their lives. So if you have any frequent flyer points earned and are about to expire and you do not think you will ever be able to redeem it for yourself, check if the airline where you earned your points supports a Unicef program that makes a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and donate your points. It feels great just knowing that you can make a difference to a life of a child even for just a day.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Sewing Box for Sale - This item is now sold.

This item is now sold. Thank you.
This sewing box was given to me by a lady who used to sew dresses for Dress A Girl Australia. She died a few years ago and made a request to her daughter to donate all her sewing stuff including fabrics to Dress A Girl Australia. All the fabrics that I have received have already been made into dresses by me and were included in the several distributions I have made. I found this box again last week when I was sorting boxes and cleaning my garage and have decided to put it up for sale so it can be put to good use. Proceeds will go to the Dress A Girl Australia distribution fund. So if there is anyone interested to own a sewing box this is for sale for $10.00 plus postage of $18.95. It is also available for pickup if you want to save on postage (although you will not be able to save on petrol if you do not live nearby.) 

 It is a vintage sewing box as I think this is more than 20 years (well, I had it for almost 5 years now) but is made of very sturdy plastic and still looks new. I had it well kept in a box. It is a  Lincraft Brand. Comes with a lift out storage tray inside. Tray has compartments for threads, buttons and other small items and a larger section below for bulkier fabrics and projects.  Measures approximately 36cm x 24cm x 20cm. 

If you are interested on this sewing box, you can send me a message for further enquiries or you can click on any of the images above or click 'Buy' to make a purchase. Your purchase will help make a difference to a life of at least one child. Thank you.

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