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Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress and what if that dress were made by you.

Welcome to Hope 4 Women International's "Dress a Girl Around the World" campaign!

This blog is owned and administered by Dress A Girl Australia who is a member of this campaign being led by an organization that "empowers women who are suffering from poverty, disease and low self-worth to become self-sufficient with businesses of their own and to raise their dignity through tea parties, day spas and celebrating women" . The same organization who cares about the world's future women and so they envisioned a world "where every little Girl owned at least one dress because every little girl deserves one". A belief Dress A Girl Australia strongly and fully support ...and I hope you will too.

I started this campaign in early March 2011. I found this Dress A Girl Around the World campaign while browsing the internet. In the beginning it was just me and my sewing machine and with the help of my sisters and their sewing machines too making dresses. Then I thought I would introduce it here as there may be other people who would be interested so I decided to create and establish the campaign to see if it would be accepted as a community work . All I did was blogged and blogged about the dresses I made. From then on I have been managing the Dress A Girl Around the World campaign and has become a volunteer community work in several parts of Australia with the hope of making it Australia-wide. It is self-funded and my way of making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged kiddies around the world.  
Dress A Girl Australia wants every little girl in the world to own a pretty dress.
The idea that I am able to use my hobby to help other people and not just any other people but the disadvantaged children around the world makes this campaign more rewarding. And as a big fan of anything made by hand I like that I am using my handcrafting skills to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate children. Not in a one-time-big kind of way but in a slowly but surely one-dress-at-a-time way.

Dress A Girl Australia has distributed dresses in India, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, Philippines, Myanmar Burma, Papua New Guinea, Nepal Tanzania and even a couple of dresses to Belize and wishes to distribute more dresses in more countries. And with your help, we all can make a difference especially to the less fortunate children around the world...one small dress at a time. A gift that will make a real difference to the life of the child who receives it and who needs it the most.
Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress. What if that dress were made by you...or you helped in the making of that dream of owning at least one dress come true!
Would love everyone to join me on this great campaign....join in the fun! You do not have to be a great or a perfect user of a sewing machine to be able to contribute in making this campaign a great success. 
                                                 Tell a friend...spread the word around!

For enquiries regarding this campaign please send an email to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com. To see more of the dress distributions accomplished, click here. To get updated with Dress A Girl Australia's daily activities and events, check out my blog here.

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(Make sure you include your name and location and send some pictures of you and/or your group that made these dresses possible)

To help spread the word about Dress A Girl Australia campaign - please print this flyer. You can print as many as you want.