Dress A Girl Stats


Dress A Girl Australia's accomplishment in 2017 :

These are the final numbers for the year 2017 and total completed distributions since 2011:
Locations of distributions:

Philippines, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya

Dress A Girl Australia's accomplishment in 2016 :

These are the final numbers for the year 2016:

Locations of distributions:

Philippines, Uganda, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Kenya

Dress A Girl Australia's accomplishment in 2015 :

These are the final numbers for the year 2015.

Donations received for the year 2015 were as follows -

Dresses - 1782
Shorts for the Boys - 178
T-shirts - 237

Of the 1,782 dresses, 173 dresses were sponsored.

Distributions were made to the following locations :

Thank you to everyone, donors and sponsors alike for making this distribution possible in 2015. Much appreciated.

Dress A Girl Australia's accomplishment in 2014 :

These are the final numbers for the year 2014. Dresses distributed totalled 3,332. There will be major changes in the way dress donations will be accepted in 2015 due to sustainability issues. Unless changes are made, it will not be possible to maintain these average number of dresses, shorts and t-shirts to be distributed. More details on the changes are available here.
The following donations were received during the year 2014:
Dresses = 2,597
Shorts = 584
T-shirts = 402
Quilts = 39
Of the 2,597 dresses, 67 of them were sponsored to help raise money for Christmas postage @$10.00 per dress.

Distribution of dresses totalling 3,332 for the year 2014 were made in the following locations :
Uganda = 309
Philippines = 1.501
South Africa = 158
India = 504
Kenya = 150
Burma = 290
Northern Territory, Australia = 75
Zambia = 145
Papua New Guinea = 33
Fiji = 13
Peru = 154

Distribution of boys shorts totalling 766 for the year 2014 were made in the following locations :
Uganda = 14
Timor = 12
Philippines = 343
South Africa = 50
India = 49
Kenya = 75
Burma = 115
Northern Territory, Australia = 25
Zambia = 26
Papua New Guinea = 27
Peru = 30

Distribution of t-shirts totalling 410 for the year 2014 were made in the following locations :
Philippines = 203
South Africa = 52
Kenya = 25
Burma = 97
Papua New Guinea = 10
Fiji = 5
Peru = 18

Distribution of Quilts totalling 105 for the year 2014 were made in the following locations:
Uganda = 12
Romania = 57
South Africa = 13
Zambia = 15
Papua New Guinea = 8

Thank you to everyone who made these numbers possible. Much appreciated.

Dress A Girl Australia's accomplishment in 2013 :

2013 was an amazingly great year. Although I missed the target for dresses the numbers that I wanted to achieve was met. Note that I did not finish my one dress a day for 365 days campaign. I was only half-way finish which still produced 158 dresses out of 365 and that I only accepted dress donations until the end of October. Upon advise, some dresses were put on hold and not sent by donors.

Please see below Dress A Girl Australia's statistical data for the year 2013 -

FY13 Target : Collect 3500 Dresses and 500 Pairs of Shorts by 31-Dec-2013
Target Number of dresses :        3500
Number of dresses received :     2589

Target Number of Boys' Shorts :
Original number : 500   Upgraded to 750 by Sep-2013

Number of boys' shorts received:     695

Number of Dresses, Boys Shorts, T-shirts and Quilts distributed during the year.
Where Dresses were distributed -
Australia - 80                                Uganda - 453
Philippines - 988                           Sri Lanka - 100
South Africa - 210                         Cambodia - 175
India - 366                                    Samoa - 25
Thailand - 76                                Papua New Guinea - 19
Kenya - 150                                  Nepal - 87

Where Boys Shorts were distributed -
Australia - 61                               Uganda - 348
Philippines - 302                          South Africa - 50
India - 50                                    Thailand - 9
Sri Lanka - 50                              Samoa - 10
Papua New Guinea - 50

Where T-shirts were distributed -
Australia - 11                               Uganda - 204
Philippines - 50                            South Africa - 99
Thailand - 9

Where quilts were sent -
Romania - 22
India - 10

Monthly Dresses and Boys' shorts received for the year 2013

Personal Goal for the year 2013


Again, did not make it to the end of the year in my One-dress a day campaign. I had to stop making dresses in June.

Target number of dresses : 365
Number of dresses sewn :   158

Target number of boys shorts : 200
Number of boys shorts sewn :   13


Plans for 2013
Last year was full of dress charity drives because I had set a goal on the number of dresses that can be collected during the year and it was also my way of promoting the campaign and spreading the word through charity drives.

This year I am only thinking of at least two charity drives and doubling up my goal on the number of dresses to 3500. 10% of this number is my personal goal for this year which I hope to achieve with my one-dress-a-day campaign and that would probably be about 350 dresses by the end of the year (fingers crossed).

As for the pairs of shorts I am setting the goal at 500, the same number as last year and I hope to achieve this number this year.

Distributions will become more regular so the dresses are moving as I dont really have that much space to keep them. I keep and take care of the dresses in the same way that I take care of my personal clothes.


Dress A Girl Australia's accomplishment in 2012 :

 It is time to close off the year 2012 and what a year it has been. It has been a year for benchmarks for Dress A Girl (around the World) Australia and I hope I could do better in 2013 or be able to replicate at a minimum what was achieved in 2012.

For the whole year 2012
Total dresses collected in 2012                        1,742 vs goal of 1500
Total pairs of shorts collected in 2012             390 vs goal of 500

Final numbers for the 'Make-it' or 'Break-it' Christmas charity drive :
Total dresses collected                                 396
Total pairs of shorts collected                      109

Total Distributions Made
Total dresses given                          938
Total pairs of shorts given               176

With the above numbers of dresses and pairs of shorts distributed, it brings Dress A Girl Australia's total number of dresses and pairs of shorts distributed to 1,060 dresses and 179 pairs of shorts since it started in March 2011. When I first looked at these numbers I could not believe it that I had to go to my log and started checking each line of journal again but it all added up.

Places of distribution were Uganda, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, India, Myanmar Burma, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia and the Philippines. For more details on these distributions, please check the 'Dress Distribution' tab located at the top of the page.


Dress A Girl Australia's accomplishment in 2011

I started Dress A Girl Australia in April 2011 and the goal was to make and collect and give handmade dresses to children around the world for at least 100 dresses only. As of Dec 25, Dress A Girl Australia was able to give 122 dresses for the girls, 3 pairs of shorts for boys and 10 pillowcase dress kits which was to be made into dresses and distributed to girls who need them the most.

Recipients of the majority of the handmade goodies were children from the Philippines and a couple from Belize, a boy and a girl from Thailand, a couple of boys from the Ujamaa Childrens Home in Tanzania.

Also in Sep 2011, I was able to provide about 6 pillowcases and bundles of fabrics to Dress A Girl Around the World Dress A Girl Philippines.