Most Frequently Asked Questions about Dress A Girl Australia :

This page will be updated as often as more new questions are received. 

1. Where can we send dresses?

    Donations will only be accepted whenever there is a scheduled distribution. Please send me a message for a postal address.

2. Is there a timeframe as to when the dresses have to be finished?

    There is no definite deadline as to when to finish dresses. Anyone who wants to make a dress and donate can do it at their own pace. Making dresses to donate will be at your own pace depending on the time that you can spare. Dont forget that family, you and your family's health and well-being, work commitments if you still are working still stays on top of your priority list. This is a task where you volunteer your services or give up some of those spare time you may have to make dresses so please feel free to do as you please.

3. Is this a one-time project?

    Dress A Girl Australia is not a one-time project. This is an on-going project to make dresses for girls around the world so please do not be stressed out that you still have not finish a dress you are making. Joining in this campaign is supposed to be fun and everyone enjoying making dresses for girls around the world. My only request is for you to send an email when you are ready to send a dress or two so I will be informed in advance.

4. Am I full-time on this project?

   No I am not. In fact, I have a full-time job and work during the day from Monday to Friday so the time I can spend on this project is only after work and/or on weekends . This is purely a voluntary work for a very great cause. I found a cause where I can make use of my creative hobby, use my craft skills in helping others and making this world a better place.

5. What is the best way to get in touch with Dress A Girl Australia?

  Since I work during the day, the best way to get in touch with me is by email. Email address is dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com. I try my best to respond to all emails within 2 business days.

6. Do we get a tax receipt for the dress(es), pillowcase(s), fabric(s) that we may be donating?

   This is purely a volunteer work so I cannot issue tax receipts for any donations made. 

7. Do you sell pillowcases that we can use to make these dresses?

   No, I dont sell pillowcases unfortunately but I have a plan to sell dress kits in the immediate future for those who want to make a dress or wants to learn how to make one to donate to Dress A Girl Australia but dont have the time to buy materials
or not sure what materials to use.

  You can also buy a kit to donate and we can make the dress for you. The kit will include a pillowcase or a piece of fabric large enough (pillowcase size) to make a dress. The kit will also include thread, elastic and bias tapes. Everything that will be needed to make a dress. Instructions on how to make the dress will also be included. When you buy the kit all you need to do is to make sure that your sewing machines are ready to roll and make a dress.

8. Where will the dresses be distributed?

   Focus of distribution is around the Asia-Pacific region. The dresses can also be distributed in different countries outside the Asia-Pacific region but with least priority and only on a case to case basis due to the very high cost of sending parcels unless I can find very willing volunteers willing to carry more luggage other than their own. There are lots of children around the Asia-Pacific region who also deserves to own at least one dress so I believe Dress A Girl Australia should concentrate in locations nearer to home. This way Dress A Girl Around the World distribution covers most of the countries around the globe.

9. How do you cover the cost to make distributions?

   Since this is a self-funded volunteer work, Dress A Girl Australia relies on the generosity of family, friends, small businesses, WAHMS. I also make handmade items to sell to be able to raise money for postage. I sell left-over stocks from a previous small business that I could no longer manage and never had the chance to sell when I went back to full-time work. It helps a lot when am in need of funds to cover postage costs.

10. What do you look for from volunteers who may be willing to help distribute dresses on behalf of Dress A Girl Australia?

   I want volunteers who have the passion for children, willing to spend time and make sure they are dressed with the dresses made especially for them and not just give them away. There are lots of people who are very willing to help but it takes time to find them.

11. What other factors do you consider when planning to distribute dresses?

   I take into consideration the safety of the place and safety of the people who will be distributing the dresses on my behalf. It takes time and proper planning to distribute so all donors are requested to please be patient in knowing what has happened to your dress donations. All dresses will find a home but please understand that the people who are doing the distributions are not full time on this campaign. They are also volunteering whatever spare time they can provide to help dress the less fortunate children around the world. They go to areas where they think these dresses are needed and spend time with the recipients and to be able to do this takes time, effort and sometimes money.

  Any feedback from the distributions will be made available on this site as soon as I receive them. Rest be assured that I make regular follow-ups firstly to make sure that the dresses have arrived if they have been sent by mail. Please note that these dresses are being sent to locations where mailing takes quite a while to arrive too. I, too, look forward to seeing my dresses being worn by these children.

  Also, please note that there are some locations where cameras are not available. The last thing I want to happen is for these people to buy cameras so they can provide pictures. As long the parcels are acknowledged that it has arrive, that's what counts most.

12. Do you have a scheduled plan for distribution?

    I initially started with twice a year and then quarterly and now I distribute whenever there is a need and whenever I have the funds to pay for postage. Most of the parcels if not all are being sent by sea mail which takes at least 3 months to arrive so right timing is required to make sure parcels arrive on time.

13. Do you accept used children's clothing?

No, I do not accept used children's clothing.

14. Are you connected to any church?

No I am not. I am doing this charity work as an individual who wants to make a difference in her own small way and religion is not a factor.

15. What kind of dresses do you require?

    Pillowcase style of dresses are preferred because of the strap's flexibility since we would not know which child will be wearing which dress. When making pillowcase dresses, please be generous with your straps.

    Dresses with sleeves are also needed (i.e. peasant style of dresses) for locations whose culture requires kids to wear dresses with sleeves.

    Make dresses that are simple and not so fancy.

16. Any specific material to use in making dresses?

    Cotton materials are preferred because they are strong materials and can withstand washing in rivers. Also they are thick enough not to see through the dress. Flimsy materials should never be used.

17. Any specific size of dresses required?

    Any size will do but the need at this time is for sizes between 7 to 12. The smaller sizes are slow-moving. Since I started distributing dresses I have noticed that it is children between the ages of  6 to 12 that really need clothing and not so much on the smaller ones. I think these are the ages, growing ages that really need protection and care.