Thursday 6 September 2012

A very well deserved Principal's Award for Claudia Petrie (Donation Acknowledgement #87)

WooHoo!! Congratulations to Claudia Petrie for receiving the Principal's Award for her Creative Homework in their school where she sewed a dress for Dress A Girl Around the World. This is what Claudia wrote in her creative homework writeup -

     "Dress A Girl Around the World is an organization were you send in dresses you've sewn and then they are sent to girls around the world who have no dresses. I made a dress for this organization. The places they send dresses from Australia are Kenya, Uganda, Philippines, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, India and Burma. Lots of girls in these countries have one old ripped dress. Sending them a new dress makes a big difference to them and help them feel special. I sewed a pillowcase dress on my mum's sewing machine. I found it quite easy but some hard things were threading the elastic through the dress and ironing the material. I will definitely do more sewing in the future."

Here she is sewing her dress -
and this is Claudia holding the dress she made -
This is the writeup she submitted as part of her creative homework -
and below was written on the last page by her teacher -
     "This was perhaps the most amazing creative homework I've ever seen. What a beautiful, special, amazing idea. Thank you so much for sharing this idea with me and the class. You are one special girl."

Yes, Claudia, you are one special girl indeed and for thinking of making a dress for one less fortunate girl anywhere in the world as your creative homework is amazing and so inspiring that I hope girls your age and older or even younger will follow what you have done. You are a good example of someone who uses her creativity to make a difference in the life of even just one less fortunate counterpart and make this world a better place to live in. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, thank you so much for the great work and the dress. It is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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