Sunday, 2 September 2012

Christmas Advent Calendars found

When doing my last minute preparation last Friday night for the market I found 2 Christmas advent calendar quilts wrapped in plastic inside this heavy bench and had the year 2005 written in a small piece of paper taped to the plastic. I usually make advent calendars and try to sell them off every year. I must have made these 2 calendars in 2005 and forgot about it thinking that they were already sold. They are 7 years old. :-) 

Tonight I have decided to donate these 2 items for the Charity auction for Dress A Girl and keeping my fingers crossed it will attract a good price. Also found 3 other wallhangings which I made about 12 years ago but still deciding whether to sell it or not at this time. :-) My good old bench. Comes up with surprises when needed the most. :-)

If there is anyone out there who loves Christmas Advent calendars, watch out for these 2 items as they will be auctioned sometime in early November. Will keep you posted.

For more information on the auction, please send an email to

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