Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dreamers Market Highlights

Before anything else, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.

Here are some of the highlights from yesterday's Dreamers Market:

1)  I met a couple of donors and it was nice to see the real people behind the pictures. I went to meet Sash Hinton of Indigo Elephant and extend my personal thanks. Didnt know she would be there but when I saw the name of the stall Indigo Elephant I thought that was familiar. Checked out my DAG folder which had a list of all donors and that confirmed it. It was nice meeting you and thank you! 

2) My very special thanks to Monika Osvald who came all the way from Katoomba with her family to Dreamers Market. It was so nice to meet you and thanks for the very lovely chat. And thank you so much for the dresses, tshirt and fabric. It is very much appreciated and I hope to see you again sometime soon. Thanks!!

3) My special thanks to Jodie and Maureen of Applecart Co who donated a dress to Dress A Girl Australia. Jodie wanted to send it but when she learned that Dress A Girl Australia will have a stall she decided to hand it personally. Their stall was right next to me. Thank you Jodie and Maureen! Much appreciated!

With Dreamers Market done, I can now start to think (in the next few days) and focus my after work spare time on the upcoming 'Make-it or Break-it' Christmas charity drive .

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