Sunday, 9 September 2012

What kept me busy Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about what tasks I needed to do during the day. Well, as expected the task of cleaning never happened but sewing did. LOL! I thought I needed to start making the dresses and/or pairs of shorts for auction. I wanted to match a dress or pair of shorts for every item that was donated for auction. Each auction item comes with a matching dress or a pair of shorts to be donated to Dress A Girl and whoever wins the bid will have her name as the donor of the matching item. So instead of just donating one item, two items will be donated by the winning bidder.

When I started Dress A Girl Australia last year I was able to collect quite a lot of pillowcases. Whenever I saw a sale sign I would go and get some. Well, its time for some of those pillowcases to be used so I made 5 dresses today. I also was able to make 2 pairs of shorts. 
If you want to know which donated item to be auctioned is going to be matched with any of these 5 dresses and 2 pairs of shorts, then be ready to join the auction event sometime late October or early November. You may like something and bid for it. More details will be announced soon.

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