Saturday, 7 September 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/08 #117 Batch 2 - 6 more dresses from Emily & Friends

This batch of 6 dresses is still part of Emily Bieber & friends' donation to Dress A Girl Australia bringing their total to 38 dresses and still number 117 on my list. Am not trying to justify my mistake but I guess this is the problem of doing things after work or at night. You think you have taken a picture of all dresses that you have laid down on the floor. If there are too many dresses in a parcel I usually spread them out in any space I can find and these last six were actually inside my workshop area. Surprised (more of scared actually as to who did it :-)) to see this morning there were 6 dresses still arranged and ready for picture taking.  Here are the rest of Emily and friends' donations -
To Emily, Kate and Rebecca, if you were wondering where the 2 long-sleeved dresses were, here they are. Again, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Much appreciated.

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