Monday, 9 September 2013

Update on Dress Distributions

Here is an update on Dress Distributions for the remaining months of 2013. I have decided that unless the need is very urgent or there will be willing volunteers to handcarry dresses, there will be no sorting/packing tasks in the months of November and December. I have designated these two months as my "rest and relaxation" months.  My last market for the year to raise funds will also be in mid-October so the remaining 2 months of the year(Nov and Dec) is really the best time to have a rest (and best time to catch up on my "one dress a day for 365 days" campaign) and the best time to plan for the new year 2014.

Distributions will resume in Feb/March 2014. So if you dont see your names listed in any of the dress distribution articles between now and mid-November, your dresses will be distributed next year. 

For everyone's info. Thank you.

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