Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"No Work" Day

Imagine the number of possibilities you can do in a day when you do not have to go to work  and that is just what I did yesterday. Did not do any sorting or packing (not even sewing) for a change but I did go to the postoffice to mail some items (but not the parcel with dresses that needed to be repaired) and since I was already there picked up parcels. When I came back I tried to finish my decoupaged fabric magnets (attached full magnets at the back) which I made from a fabric panel leftover. I decoupaged it to a recycled canvas tarp. Didnt look so bad and I hope I can sell some of them at the market next month. I think they would look good on the fridge.
Then my sister and I were off to Spotlight to check out something and perhaps use the 40% coupon and also decided to stop by Officeworks which was on the way. She wanted to buy labels for her goodies. We must have spent over an hour over there as she could not make up her mind as to which labels to get. Too many labels to choose. I bought a box of micro mini plastic bags for my decoupaged magnets and a box of dispense-a-label which I too could not decide whether to get the small or the large one. At Spotlight, we both did not find what we wanted to get but I decided to buy some fabrics with an  'owl' and 'tree' fabric prints. They were on sale so did not cost that much. I havent done any fabric shopping spree for a while now although I should not really be buying fabrics as I have a half-a-cabinet full of fabrics , untouched for quite some time now (since I started Dress A Girl Australia actually) but am thinking of making tote bags and thought owl prints would be good. I might even end up making decoupaged fabric magnets out of this.
Back home I saw the plastic bag that was filled with threads donated by Jenni Kirillov on behalf of her mum. I didnt like the idea of it in a plastic bag so I took them out and placed them in glass containers I bought from a bargain shop about 5 months ago which I planned to use for terrariums.  This is why I love bargain hunting and thrift stores as these 3 containers only cost me $6.50. Two dollars each for the glass pots and $2.50 for the jar with lid. The glass pots were originally priced at $19.95 but the store owner said nobody seemed to like them so she brought them down to $2.00 each and I was the happy recipient of that bargain. Other people would probably put cookies on these containers but I decided to put the threads donated by Jenni. Thank you to Jenni for these donations. It will take me more than a year I think to use all of them.
These jars are now placed next to my 2 jars of button collection. Some of these buttons I bought from trash and treasure shops, some I removed from old clothes, some are spare buttons from new clothes which I have collected all these years. Silly me I even threw away some when I moved house. They are not really collectible buttons but I just like them. I have made magnets out of them and a pendant and I think I will make a bracelet soon. :-)
Here are some items I have made from my button collection. :-)
With these jars sitting on top of my cabinet people will really think I am a professional seamstress. LOL! They dont know I can only make a pillowcase style of dress and a t-shirt dress(now everyone knows) and only for a worthy cause.
Then back to my computer to check out emails, one of the notifications I got was about yesterday, 17th of September being an International Hug Day. I once made a fabric card of a girl giving out a hug. I tried to look for the card but could not find it but am sure it is in one of those craft boxes I have in my garage. I take pictures of all the things I make so I looked for the picture in my hard drive instead and found it. The picture was stamped 28-05-2007. 

So I am going to end this blog about my day yesterday (thank you so much for reading) with a big hug to everyone. My share of a big hug to everyone to celebrate International Hug Day. 

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