Friday, 27 September 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/09 #138 - Goodies from the Ladies of Kapunda S.A.

Number 138 on the list is a parcel of dresses, undies, pairs of shorts, t-shirts and quilts which took me more than a week of nights to sort ( a total of 8 parcels) from the ladies of Kapunda South Australia. The 30 quilts have been published and acknowledged separately and this time it is for the rest of the stuff I have received - You probably wont see it clearly in the picture (boxed images in red) but this batch actually had more than 300 undies -
I hope I get all of this correctly and dont missed anyone. The undies came from Liz Williams (most of them) and Di Fennell, t-shirts from Paisley Parish, dresses from Diane Cain, Deborah Parish, Julie Quast, Margaret Adair, Sally Giles, Loris Pullen and Shirley Bell. The shorts were donated by the Robertstown Senior Citizens. 

To all the Ladies of Kapunda Sewing Group and the Craft and Hope Group, thank you so much for everything. I thank you all for all the time, money and effort you spend coming up with these goodies. It is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!  

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