Sunday, 8 September 2013

Quilt #'s 18 to 20 from Linda Smyth

Three more quilts to keep the kiddies warm during their winter has arrived from Linda Smyth. Actually I had this for almost 2 weeks now but havent had the chance to open the parcel until this morning. That is how slow I am. :-)

Quilt #18, 19 they are and I should be ready to pack parcel 3. And by the way, I forgot about Parcel 2 which I was supposed to send yesterday morning. It was covered by parcels from the last weekend. I have now put it right on top of a bench where I can see it everyday until I take it with me to the next postoffice trip.
Thank you Linda for your kindness and generosity, to help keep kiddies warm this winter. It is so much appreciated. Thank you.

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