Friday, 20 September 2013

My new sewing boxes...hope it brings me luck

On my way home last Wednesday I decided to stop by my favourite bargain shop (it normally closes at 6pm) since I also wanted to buy my favourite 'Rocky Road' ice cream at the Sara Lee outlet shop which is right next to it. It is when I do unplanned visits to this shop that I find real bargains and real things I like which I can not easily find anywhere and if I do find these things they probably would be very, very expensive. 

And my ESP was right again that I will find something. I found these 2 cute sewing boxes for less than 10 bucks (if she had more I could have bought it all. LOL!) And what I love about it is the sewing machine right on top of the box and believe me they are very solid it makes the box a little bit heavy. The slide cover locks and you can only open it if you press the white rubber button on the side (see the small white round thing protruding on the side in between the 2 boxes). Did not hesitate for a moment to buy both. The best 'finding' in a long time.
I hope to apply my 'decoupage' skill (as if.. LOL!) on these two treasures and I hope it brings me luck on my next market day as my money box.

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