Saturday, 21 September 2013

Quilt Distribution #2 - Quilts for the Children of Romania

I wanted to do something special last Wednesday, the 18th of Sept and make the day a really memorable one so I decided to pack and send 3 parcels of dresses and quilts. I packed 11 quilts and a few beanies in two smaller boxes for the children of Romania. 11 more children to be kept warm when the quilts arrived. (The other 2 parcels of dresses I sent will be posted separately as soon as I have identified all the donors.)

These are the two parcels which contained the 11 quilts and beanies -
and here are the quilts and beanies inside the parcel -
made possible through the kindness and generosity of the following donors :
1) Deborah Parish 
2) Shirley Bell
3) Kathy Pfeiffer
4) Linda Smyth
5) Vanya Bryant (who also donated the beanies)
6) Toni Kirkpatrick

Thank you all so much for making this parcel possible. Thank you for your support of Dress A Girl Australia's initiative to keep a few children of Romania warm and make them feel comfort and joy during their winter this year and the years to come. Thank you. It is very much appreciated.

To see larger images of the quilts, please click here or click on the special tab "Dress Distribution" located at top of this page.

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