Sunday, 24 November 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/11 #158 - From Vanya

Number 158 on the list is a parcel of assorted goodies from Vanya Bryant. Looks like Vanya has been keeping herself busy with 'hot stuff'. 'Hot stuff' great for Dress A Girl Australia's upcoming winter collection for South Africa. I just love creating names and creating slogans for my charity drive campaigns. I think it makes it more attractive to get some kind of support and mobilizes 'like-minded' people. :-)

Anyway, here are the contents of Vanya's parcel this time - I will be writing a separate acknowledgement for the christmas bags.
And I also had a surprise inside the parcel - a handmade christmas ornament -
To Vanya, thank you so much for your support in 2013. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, for helping make this world a better place. It is so much appreciated. Have a very lovely Christmas and a heartfelt thank you for the pretty Christmas ornament.

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