Monday, 18 November 2013

Parcels on Hold

I actually do not like the idea of re-arranging schedules or tasks as it takes a while for me to go back and do it but unfortunately this re-arranging of schedules is a necessity. 

This week is my schedule to send a parcel to Thailand and Mbale Uganda. They are all packed and ready to go just waiting for me to put the parcels at the back of my car to take to the postoffice, dresses and shorts for the kiddies in Thailand and quilts for the grandmas in Mbale Uganda. I have decided to put these 2 parcels on hold and instead send the money i have saved up and allocated for postage to a friend, an elementary/high school classmate) who i found is a victim of typhoon haiyan. They lost everything but thankful that they were saved. She is now in Manila with the rest of her family staying with her daughter and planning to go back to Tacloban to check up what is left for them over there, her friends and neighbours (who were less fortunate) and try to help them. A victim who has nothing in mind but to help her co-victims. I have offered some help and some dresses and shorts to bring back with her so i will be using the money allocated for these parcels to give to her. The amount is not that big compared to what other people are donating but it is heartily being given to her and I know it will go a long way for the victims who urgently need food and water. Perhaps food and water being made available to them will make them forget a little about what has happened to them. 

It's a bit sad to know that the parcels cannot be sent when I was looking forward to sending it but sometimes one has to be flexible, practical and sensible to make this world a better place. When I have save up enough money again from my selling of handmade items to pay for the postage of these two parcels, everyone will be notified. Thank you!

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