Tuesday, 19 November 2013

T-Shirts for South Africa

I was thinking today (I should not be allowed to think, it is dangerous) that it might be a good idea to include t-shirts on the South Africa parcel to match some of the pairs of shorts. I wanted to close and tape the parcel of shorts but I was not really feeling comfortable closing it because there were no t-shirts. I have a tin where I usually put all the coins that makes my bag heavy. When I came home I opened the tin and check if I had enough coins to buy t-shirts. And it was my lucky day and more lucky because Kmart had the t-shirts still on sale. I counted and I had about $25 of gold and fifty-cent coins. Drove to K-mart and was able to buy 10 t-shirts. Just added a gold coin from my pocket. 

Here is my lucky tin again and still has some coins left -
and these are the 10 t-shirts I bought for South Africa - 3 of them were $2.00 each and the rest were $3.00 each.
Went home, packed them up and happy to close the parcel. Just had to have t-shirts inside the parcel. And isnt it great to have a "save for a rainy day" tin that can help grant your wish when needed. :-)

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