Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dress A Girl almost here!

WooHoo!!  The fundraising page for the Dress A Girl Well is almost here. Might be available in a day or two. Just a minor question regarding the page and once this is cleared, the page will be made active and will be capable of accepting donations. 

For more information on the Dress A Girl Australia well, please click here.

Get ready everyone to help this village for once get clean water through your kindness and generosity. Make it the best Christmas ever for the 700 children and 300 adults including the people from five surrounding villages, four schools and five churches. Please help spread good cheer not only to our dear family and friends but share the holiday spirit we always have and enjoy with a village in need and celebrate Christmas in the most wonderful way hope through water.

For more information, please feel free to send an email


  1. I'll be glad to contribute as soon as the page is up. I couldn't see how much you needed to raise. Do you have a target figure?

    1. Hi Jennifer, My target figure is $10,500 in US dollars. Depending on exchange rate might be around $11,000 AUD. Page will be up very soon. Thank you.