Sunday, 17 November 2013

Soy Candles for Charity (Dress A Girl Australia)

About 5 years ago I used to candlemake and sell soy candles made of the environmentally friendly soy wax. I even sold books on candlemaking. Then I noticed that I was starting to become short-tempered maybe because I was starting to get bored (inspite of all the crafty things I was doing) so I decided to go back to full-time job after 2 years of not working. On the day that I decided I was going back to work, a week after I got a full-time job and this led me to becoming lax on my small home business which was by then starting to flourish. I stopped selling candles but I still kept on my hobby of making anything out of fabrics and sell one at a time.

Then my sister started making candles to fill the ceramic and porcelain bowls she was making and selling. This made me think why dont I start to sell soy candles again.. Soy candles for charity which will help me raise money for postage and most especially for the Dress A Girl well. I am not sure if I still have hours in a day left to allow me to make soy candles but there is no harm in trying. My motto is if there is a will...there is a way and it is for a very good cause. I really have no plans of making it big time selling candles. Just enough to meet the needs of Dress A Girl Australia.

So the past week I have been lighting candles again making sure they are lighting perfectly well and have now a small stock of small jar candles to sell. My first product for fundraising. I also hope I will be able to make tealights soon.
The candle with the lamp is only for a very short time while supplies last. These soy candles will be available for purchase in my e-shop in the next few days. They will make great christmas presents so I hope if you like soy candles you will make a purchase. 

Just to let everyone know that everything am handmaking and selling goes to Dress A GIrl Australia's petty cash fund. I am not trying to make money for myself. But selling items like this will help me sustain my Dress A Girl activities so I hope you will like some of my new products and make a purchase. Thank you.

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