Saturday, 16 November 2013

We can do it.....We can make this happen !!

Hello everyone !  It is finally here and I hope you will support Dress A Girl Australia in its mission to raise money to build a well and provide clean water for the people in Kalagi, Uganda. The fundraising page is now active and accepting donations. To access the page, please click on the image below -. Same image is also available on the right navigation pane.
All donations go directly to the Water-4-Kids program of the Water-4-kids International who is working in partnership with the Dress a Girl Well project of Dress A Girl around the World and all donations made using the fundraising page will be earmarked for Friends of Dress A Girl Australia. The goal is to raise the amount of $10,500 US (approximately $11,200 AUD at today's exchange rate). The village information on Kalagi Uganda is available on the fundraising page which you can share to all your family and friends who may want to give towards the well. Donors can leave a message with the amount of their donations or donate anonymously on the page. A receipt is issued for your donations. **

Please help spread the word around. Through everyone's kindness and generosity we will be able to give hope and make good health, safety and abundant life become a reality for the families of this village. What better time to help and make a difference and aim to reach the goal this Christmas season. Let us spread good cheer not only to our dear family and friends but share the holiday spirit we always have and enjoy with a village in need and celebrate Christmas in the most wonderful way possible...hope through clean water for the people of Kalagi, Uganda in the very near future.

Spread the word around! We can do it!  We can make this happen! 

Thank you in advance!

** Highly recommend anyone making a donation to talk to their accountants for advise regarding donations you make and the receipt issued for the donations.