Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Goal for India

The outlook is very bright for India. I only need 51 dresses more and by the time I have sent all the remaining 4 parcels for Christmas I would have met my 2014 target of 500 dresses to India orphanages. And I thought the task was/is not possible considering the cost of sending those dresses.

The latest feedback I received based on questions I asked of one orphanage so far - (I like and enjoy making followups of my efforts) -

(1) how the dresses are with the children? Yes, Dresses are so beautiful and Wonderful and many Girls asking the Dresses at villages and slums. 
(2) Are they liking and enjoying wearing the dresses? Yes, Very liking and very enjoying by wearing everyday and feeling good and handsome. But the problem is Girls who received one dress and they are asking one more dress.

I hope I get to receive at least a picture or 2 in the next few weeks....but well done!!

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