Friday, 11 March 2016

Project - Brimming with Love Australia

I finally received an acknowledgement of my request to use the Milly's Tie Hat pattern today for my next special project from Brimming with Love(Laura Griffin) so am officially opening this project today - Project Brimming with Love Australia. More details about this project will be posted on this page later today. This is how the hat would look like and made of 100% quilting cotton. 
The hats that I will be collecting will be given to the Liverpool Cancer Therapy Wellness centre (at this time and other therapy centres at the later stage) for them to give to cancer patients undergoing Chemo Treatments. So please if you are donating to this project, please make sure they are of topnotch quality so the recipient will be very happy to receive and wear with dignity. I would like anyone who is donating to make them filled with love, hope and compassion and not just make them for the sake of donating and telling people that they donated one. Thank you.

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