Friday, 4 November 2016

rainbow over the vatican square and a dress

About a week ago I was in Rome in the Vatican City. The picture below I took after coming out of St Peter's Basilica after completing a 3-1/2 hour tour of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum and St Peter's Basilica itself. I was so happy and felt completely satisfied of the tour and more so when I saw the rainbow over the vatican square when I came out. The people around me got excited and so happy to see the rainbow that almost everyone who saw it took a picture. At that moment while looking around I remembered a couple of lines from the song "What a wonderful world" which goes this way -
"The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by"
The atmosphere was so good, something different from what I sometimes would normally see where everyone looked so happy. After a while it made me think of the dresses that I collect and give to disadvantaged kids, dresses that make a difference to their lives. I was thinking that if seeing a rainbow in the sky can bring so much happiness and excitement to people who I would consider priviledged for being there, imagine that rainbow was a dress. Imagine the happiness in the child's face when she is given a dress, a dress that she now can call her own. That smile could be priceless. So I told myself that from now on I dont have to have hundreds and hundreds of dresses to give, only a few that comes from the heart but a few that will make a big difference to the world, a few that will make this world a wonderful world just like the rainbow.


  1. Gigi we were at the Vatican last month and did the same tour- its just an amazing place - really beautiful. its lovely to see this photo with the rainbow :)

    1. thanks. I was totally mesmerized with the place especially the sistine chapel. :-)