Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas Shop in my Facebook page

Have you completed your Christmas shopping? If you still are missing a few items and want one that can be treasured for a long time, check out my sale items in my Christmas shop in my facebook page. Check out my quilted advent calendars. I just sold yesterday the last of my 'Çhoo-choo train' advent calendar below and boy, was the little boy who received it so excited when he saw it-
but here is one with christmas lights which you can check from my christmas shop -
Or if you are after country-style raggedy kids my shop also have one -
 If you want a picture of the recipient of your christmas gift on a christmas stocking, check out my handmade christmas stockings -

If you want soft toys that your little boy or girl can easily cuddle, check these out - koalas  -
- kitties -
- doll pillows -
and teddy bears who were made to take care of our earth -
If none of the above interests you, then why dont you sponsor a dress. For $10.00-$12.00, you can make a change to the life of a needy child -
And lots more of handmade items made by me will be made available soon so come back regularly so you dont miss out especially for Christmas.

Click on any of the items above or click here to visit my shop.

All the proceeds from the sale of any of the handmade items in my shop will go to the funds of Dress A Girl Australia to help pay for the cost of running its campaign to provide clothing to the needy for the new year 2017. So check out my shop and help make a difference and make this world a better place. Thank you.

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