Saturday, 25 March 2017

Dress Distribution #108 - Vietnam - April 2017

I will be visiting Vietnam in early April so I have decided to handcarry 25 dresses which I will be distributing in an orphanage I have organized about two weeks ago. Here is the parcel of 25 dresses
and the 25 dresses 
made possible by the additional donors below. 3 of the dresses came from the 2016 Christmas collection which did not make it as the parcel was already full, 5 dresses are sponsored and 3 dresses I sewed for a friend of mine. The other 14 dresses are from my sewing marathon 2017.

1) Sue Porsche (1 dress)
2) Monika Osvald (2 dresses)
3) Megan Jones (5 sponsored dresses)
4) Jen Fegredo (3 dresses)
5) Dress A Girl Australia (14 dresses)

For larger and individual images of the 25 dresses, please click here. Thank you to the additional donors of this collection. It is much appreciated.

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