Monday, 26 June 2017

Starting to collect...First on school supplies for 2017

I was at Officeworks two weeks ago to purchase something for my printer and I noticed a large box full of pens, notebooks and other stuff near the cash registry counter and my eyes were drawn to the boxes of colouring pencils in one corner. They were at 99cents per box. While inspecting a box and checking the items inside the box I dropped my wallet. I thought it was starting to get heavy when I bent to pick it up and thought about how much coins I may have inside. (Lucky me it was not my phone that I dropped). So I opened my wallet and started to take out and count the coins especially the gold ones and I able to raise that much to purchase these 20 packs. That means I had almost $20.00 worth of coins inside my wonder it was starting to get heavy. Well, i told myself maybe it is time to spare something in my work to make another big difference this year.
So here I am starting to collect school supplies for a possible distribution before the end of the year if I can make a collection big enough for distribution. For those who would like to contribute and help make a difference, please send me a message for postal details. Or better still, why not sponsor a dress I still have lots of dresses for sponsorship. All you have to do is click on the link below. Thank you.

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