Sunday, 5 November 2017

Sponsor clothes to make a difference this Christmas

Just less than 2 months away and a lot of us are now starting to feel the spirit of Christmas in the air. Christmas is just around the corner. Have you included 'making a difference' this Christmas in your to-do list? Share the spirit of Christmas with the less fortunate and my dress sponsorship program will make it easy for you. In fact, you get to hit 2 birds with one stone with the program. Sponsor a dress and you get to help raise money for the CNCF's Clean Water Tank for Vietnam project and at the same time you get to make a difference to a life of a disadvantaged child by providing the child with new clothing. Come on board. Join the rest of us who are making a difference this Christmas and sponsor a dress. There are lots of clothes to choose from - all you have to do is click on the images below -
1) You can sponsor these 2 t-shirts/pairs of shorts set for boys with undies for $20.00 -
2) Or you can sponsor these 3 sets of peasant dresses for girls for  $25.00 -
 3) Another choice are these 3 pillowcase style of dresses with undies for $25.00 -
 4) or these set still with undies for $25.00 -
5) Or if you think one dress is enough to give away this Christmas, then you can sponsor this dress for $12.00 -
6) Or you can even sponsor a dress for a girl with undie and a t-shirt/pair of shorts also with undie for a boy for $22.00 if your thing is making a balance and that is make a difference between a disadvantaged boy and a disadvantaged girl -
Full proceeds of sponsorships will be donated to the Clean Water Tank project of the Christina Noble Children's Foundation (Australia) to help save lives for at least 100 families in Vietnam. Tax receipts will be issued in your name by the organization. So what are you waiting for. Come on board. Sponsor a dress or dresses or t-shirts/pair of shorts for boys and help break the cycle of poverty. Let us give hope to those who are desperately in need this coming Christmas. Let us help spread joy, hope and compassion. For more selections/choices of clothes to sponsor, click on the link below. Thank you.
To know more about the Clean Water Tank project and/or the Chistina Noble Children's Foundation (Australia), click on the link below. Thank you.
I will be travelling later this month to the Philippines and early next year to Bangkok so I will be handcarrying with me some of these dresses. Thank you.

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