Friday, 12 January 2018

Feedback Dress Distribution #118 - Christmas for Kenya

The parcel for kenya which had about 13 dresses only were delivered by my niece in Kibera in Kenya which is the largest slum area in the world. Since there were only 13 dresses I told her to give it to the most deserving disadvantaged kids and she decided that Kibera was the place to be. Since the place was very very big and she only had 13 dresses she decided to give it to a women's organisation which looks after the place. Here is our conversation regarding the dresses -
No pictures of the 13 dresses being handed to the children but she took pictures of the slum area.

I think it was a good idea to give the dresses to the women's organisation as they had a better idea as to who should be receiving them. I know how difficult it is to give dresses especially if you have not made a previous arrangement you do not know where to go so my heartfelt thanks to my niece for finding the time to find a place to deliver the parcel. Much appreciated.

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